Saturday, December 20, 2014

What a way to end 2014!

I will do a year in review post in the next week or so, but just wanted to share this super awesome exciting piece of news.  So I saw on my teammate and friend Jason Schlarb's Facebook page a link from someone showing he was in the top 100 men for Skyrunning Federation world rankings.  Cool!  Didn't particularly surprise me, he's an awesome runner.  So I wandered on there to read the other names for fun, including the women's list, wondering if I'd recognize any names since this was a world list.  Reading along, and what did I see?

HOLY COW!  I saw MY name!  #46.  I was so totally surprised.  Honestly I didn't even know this ranking excited and certainly didn't know they were following my results.  Also didn't know I had run 3 of their ranking races (well I knew Speedgoat was, but not the others).  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor but did not wipe the huge smile and awe off my face for quite a while.  I am so honored to be on this list and it sure sends a surge of excitement and motivation to me.  I won't sandbag and say I'm just average, I believe I'm a talented runner, a strong and smart runner, and I love to run and compete.  I just did not picture myself on this list, but you know what?  This wasn't a popularity contest, I earned it.  This married, mom of 4 nursing student.  Wow!

You can see the entire women's world top 50 list here, and the main article about both men and women here.  Thanks for reading!