Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heber Valley Century - My first 100 miles!

I was prepared to do a century in the spring, but travel plans got in the way and I didn't end up doing. Then the whole broken foot fiasco went down in June. Well, I had the opportunity to ride the Heber Valley Century today with some great guys, so took it!
What a great time of year for this ride, the colors were spectacular! I pulled up about 7:30am and it was soooo cold! Like shivering cold. I was fairly well prepared clothing wise though, and once the sun came up we were fine.

We rolled away from Southfield Park about 8:30am. Headed south toward Deer Creek and about 5 miles in I asked Alecio, one of our riders, if this road felt bumpy to him. I realized a second later I better stop and check the bike and sure enough, flat tire. 5 miles into the ride! Grrr. Got to buisness changing the tube out, put the new one in and about blew it up when Te Koi reminded me it might be a good idea to check the inside of the tire, you know since something apparently went through it to pop the last tube? Sure enough, found a 2 inch long industrial staple embeded in my tire. Thanks for the save there Te Koi. I ride a smaller wheel than most people so we would've been in a world of hurt if I flatted out again as the sag wagons didn't even have 650 tubes. Lucky for me I rode with some great guys who took over and 3 CO2 cartridges (wierd valve issues, should've only taken 1) and 13 minutes later we were on our way.
Headed to our first aid station at Soldier Hollow, the 2002 Winter Olympic Biathlon venue. We had the chance to shoot rifles at the target, but figured we'd taken enough time changing a tire (did I mention it was only 5 miles into our ride?! Grrr). From there we headed through Heber to Homestead Resort for stop #2. Shed some warm layers and went on our way. Finally got out of the Heber Valley and rode up a big long hill to a Jordanelle Reservoir outlook (sailboats in the water).

Got the chance to do some downhill before heading through lots of rollers toward Oakley. On our way Te Koi said something about how last year part of the road wasn't paved and how it was nice to have it paved now. 2 minutes later we ran into that unpaved section. Had to have been almos 2 miles of dirt road and let me tell you, tiny little road bike tires are not meant for loose dirt and rock. You got used to it, but it was still frustrating to be crawling along and wondering when it'd end. Anyway, finally got to our lunch stop and boy was I ready to eat. It was awesome. Subway sandwiches (which was the best sandwich I think I've ever had), fresh fruit (including pinapple - yes!), snack bars, trail mix, punch, cold was great! Finished up there and headed out to Rockport Reservoir where the winds came into play. Nothing horrible, but headwind 50 miles into a 100 mile ride and over rolling roads isn't so much fun. The boys got caught up in a peloton (group of riders that take turns 'pulling' the group through the wind) and took off. Can't blame them, but I was pretty frustrated. Frustrated that I couldn't keep up, that I was all alone in the wind, and I was just plain bonked. I think my nutrition wasn't spot on because it was hard to gauge what to take in Hammer wise since we were eating at the stations too. I may have been a little behind on my Endurolytes as well. We'll just say I wasn't very happy rolling into the next aid station about 60 miles. My mind was just mentally fried and my legs didn't feel great. It was kind of to a point where I knew we were over halfway done, but it still felt forever to the finish. Pushed on, got left behind a little, although I think the guys could sense my frustration and tried to encourage me. We got to about mile 80 and I was just riding mad at this point. Wasn't so friendly and talkative, just pushing on. That's what I needed to do at that point and I did pick up my pace a little. I also had to pull my foot out of the shoe and ride that was for the next 5-10 miles. My left big toe was sooo sore. I managed to be able to put the shoe back on for the rest of the ride though. Last aid station with about 15 miles to go. It was good riding, I felt good, and got some great pulls from Alecio - thank you! Hope was finally in sight when we got back to the climb back up from Rockcliff to the Jordanelle outlook.
Got to go down a big hill before that and hit 45mph - yay! The last climb up was long and rough at times, but I had lots of encouragement and was motivated to just get it over with. We finally got to the top and I saw a 8% down grade sign and you know what? I was thrilled! Seriously so excited to go down this big hill. I held 45mph most of the 2-3 miles down and loved every second. I think I surprised Te Koi a little when I was right behind him at the bottom. My big smile may have socked him too after my grumpiness.
Anyway, we finished the last miles into town and were D. O. N. E. !!!
106 miles in 6 hours and 20 minutes of ride time.

I got just a wee bit of sun eh? Lovin the watch tan. Oh and the socks were in place of an event shirt - it's a cyclist thing :)

There were definately times I wasn't having a good time and was discouraged, but it was a great ride to do. Awesome scenery and even better company. Seriously, I would've been crying about mile 60 from discouragement and looking for a ride back to town had I not had these guys with me. I was frustrated not being able to keep up all the time, but I have to remember they're guys, they've done this before, and they have bigger wheels than I do ;) No really though, working together on this and supporting eachother really made the ride great. Now it's time to train hard for a couple more weeks, race an Oly in Vegas on the 17th, then take 2-3 weeks off till IRONMAN TRAINING!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


NOTE: I'll be adding a finish line pic as soon as they're up, and I'm sure everyone knows this, but you can click on any picture to make it bigger/more detailed

Nice to wake up at 5:15am in my own bed and drive 20 minutes to the race site. Had my traditional PB&J (natural of course) on my own whole wheat bread, took an Endurolyte and started the 24oz of water I'd drink over the next 3 hours before the race. Transition was already pretty dark and crowded when I got there at 6:00, but I found a spot to squeeze in toward the top where I wanted.
Swim - so with no open water swim option available because of the stupid
roundworm they found in the lake, we swam in a little 3 lane wide pool. Swam all of 3 lengths, took me about a minute (didn't really see the point but it was kind of fun). Slid on the running shoes and ran a mile along some paved trails around the lake to transition. It was fun to see my kids and husband outside the pool. They tried to stay with me for a bit but pushing a trailer with 3 kids, Daddy didn't stand much of a chance...hehe. I was sooo glad to have them here today and always though! 9:20 swim/run to T1

So uh, check this guy out in transition. I feel a little creeped out after seeing this pic on the camera. Hopefully he's just observing a good transition...? 0:39 T1
I ran that mile hard went through transition quickly, hopped on my bike more cautiously than I like out of some lingering fear from the injury, and took off. I knew I was the lead woman at this point (felt good to hear a spectator inform me of that), and I've been practicing on that course so I felt prepared. I knew I needed to push and stay ahead and felt confident doing it. I was pretty much out of breath though from the start of the race to the bike turnaround 30 minutes in. Ok, really it was hard the whole time including the run. Wonderful to get to the bike turnaround because then it was downhill the whole way back, we of course had a headwind to ride into though. Oh well. 34:59 bike
Another quick transition, 0:32 T2 got to see my parents (which meant a lot because my dad is pretty sick), and took off on the run. My form never felt great, I felt tired, I was just running as fast as my body would let me to try to hold onto what lead I had. I was ready to be done by the end and was grateful to not be doing Olympic! Sorry and good job to my friends that did go Oly. 20:54 run
I did end up winning which was lots of fun. Do I wish there was better competition there? You betcha. But only being 5 minutes behind the male winner and almost 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd place lady helps secure my confidence. I only got a medal and pack of hair products from a local salon. Probably worth $50, and I don't want to sound ungrateful at all, but I uh, never really do my hair and the 1st overall man and woman in olympic got $200 to a local resturaunt. I would've been much happier with cash or a bike/run shop gift card. Oh well. I did get a pretty purple flower lei. Final Time 1:06.23
The blue arrow is to show you the back of my top. I Love it! I'm vain, it's true :)

Got to talk with lots of nice friends and hang with the family. As I was leaving a friend told me he overheard someone saying that "if so and so were here that girl (me) wouldn't have won". Really hurt. I know I should ignore it, but it just made me sad. I ride a fairly crappy bike, don't have an aero (fast) helmet, just got out of a boot 6 weeks ago, and I still can't get some respect? Just bumed me out.
Those were my words earlier today to some friends. Now you know what I have to say? I ride a low end 9 year old bike, don't have a fancy helmet, just got out of a boot that kept me immobile for 9 weeks and guess what? I showed up and I won. I put the training in and raced today like so many others, and gosh darn it, I earned my hair product -
so there!

Thanks to my photog genious Heidi for the great action shots! I was so focused however that I didn't even know she was there. That makes a good photographer, right? ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So excited!

After a long 12 week hiatus I get to race on Saturday! I've been training really hard the last 2-3 weeks while being careful with the foot, and my legs have had it! It actually feels really good though to feel the legs fatigued coming up the stairs and having my 5 year old say "Mom, you really need an ice bath" We teach em young around here :)

But I'm feeling good now and am ready to go out and go fast and have fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You know your have a good husband when......

This is your anniversary present - flowers and a new cycling kit :) We celebrated our 7th anniversary Saturday after he'd been gone on buisness all week. Not only that but I took off on a workout about an hour after he got home and was gone training most of Saturday morning (I made it up to him by surprising him with a room at the Hilton downtown though) and didn't hear complaint. I'm really proud of him too. He set a weight loss goal with his friend, joined a gym by his work and has been really taking it seriously (hence the running clothes as he was ready to go out for his run as soon as I got home from my ride). Anyway, Thanks Babe!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Training is a spectator sport

Headed out on a hilly ride Saturday. Left the house and headed toward Wasatch Blvd. It's a good climb just to get the the road, but I wanted to work hills today. Finally got to the top and headed south. Got to a bigger intersection with another cyclist and 2 other cars all waiting to turn left. The other cyclist looked for cars at the light, none to be seen anywhere, so he made his turn. Now yes, it's illegal, and yes I stayed and waited for the light, but man, some people. The driver next to me rolls down his window and yells "that was very very illegal". Thanks buddy, we had no idea. He yelled some more at the cyclist and I told him to simmer down. He started saying something to me but I couldn't hear him. The light finally turned and I just told him to get some exercise, it'd make him feel better.
You know, of course what the cyclist did was illegal, it helps cyclists get the bad wrap some drivers give us, but come on, are drivers perfect? Do they follow the speed limit always? Stop completely at stop signs? How about always use their blinkers or give cyclists their legal 3 feet? Just food for thought......
Anyway, continued on toward te canyons when the looming dark clouds finally let go. I got pounded on and soaked! Kind of fun to feel water come up off my wheels onto my legs, luckily I wore some tri clothes that day eh? I eyed a covered bus stop incase it wasn't going to let up but it did so on I went. Dealt with a south wind which I was hoping wouldn't be there since it's downhill a bit to Draper and that would've been good practice, and fun! Oh well.
Rode past a private entrace with lion statues on either side of the gate and dinosaurs on the top of the columns - interesting. Anyway, as I headed into Draper I glanced into a neighborhood on my right and look what caught my eye
Seriously! A 7 foot tall Sully statue at a yard sale. Definately one of the stranger things I've seen. I was going to have my picture taken under him but people were already looking at me kind of strange parking my bike in front of a yard sale - come on people, perfect opportunity to peruse, right? ;)
Anway, rode into Herriman, up to Bachus. I was kind of pooped, wanting to get home, but decided to ride a few miles up Butterfield canyon. It's nice, very very low traffic, good roads. No shoulder, but doable. Definately one I want to hit up again soon. Turned around to enjoy the ride down, and about a mile into it going 35ish I see this family of wild turkey's crossing the road ahead of me. I yelled something to them about getting out of my way, you know, since turkey's understand us and all. Thought I was ok, which was good since I wasn't really in a position to stop, and here comes this last one 10 feet in front of me! I averted disaster narrowly, and so did he.
Anyway (I say that a lot, sorry), finished my ride home with some nasty cross winds and only about 5 miles worth of tail wind at the end. 55 miles in all, was hoping for more, but right now, hills are more important. Feeling good, tired, body heavy, but I'm working hard so that can be expected. Looking forward to a race next weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I hit 40 today....

That is all :)

Ok, I'll write a little more. Went out to the pond and swam a couple loops hard just to get some OW time in. The pond was calm and still, only a couple families there. I love open water swimming, so much better than endless flipturns. I was seriously so sad when they turned the pool from 50m to 25yd again :(.
Then I drove over to the Daybreak course and rode the big hill several times. Rode it hard up, and hard down. I've had an issue with going at high rates of speed. I'm starting to break away from that. Keep you eye out for me in a few weeks.......