Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A student of the sport

It's my spring break from nursing school this week.  But I've still got class this weekend, a long one.  I am very excited for the Wasatch 100 later this year and want to be better prepared for it, so I'm going to be a student of the sport and learn more about those last 30 miles, the only way I know how - run the first 70 first.  Buffalo Run Adventures​ 100 on Antelope Island, Friday at noon!

I've run 2 great 100 mile races.  The courses were amazing, challenging, and my results good, especially at Bryce where I won and set a course record, that was so exciting!  But coming off Run Rabbit Run I still don't feel like I've got a good grip on how to race the 100, best handle the night, although RRR did go better after more experience, and not sure I know how to get myself through the last 30 miles best.  And I think the only way for me to do that, is to experience the last 30 miles, after 70 miles.  Running a 30 mile training run is nothing like running likes the last 30 miles of a 100 in my opinion and experience.  

I want to do really well at Wasatch, and also feel really good during it (as good as a 100 can feel), more in control of me in it.  Funny, I just had the thought that this is just like my births.  My 4th birth I was most prepared and in control and most pleased how it went.  Maybe Wasatch being my 4th 100 will turn out the same way ;)

Antelope Island about an hour north of Salt Lake City is a neat place.  Seems like the moon on the west side and is a great flat runnable trail I like a lot on the east side.  It is definitely an easier course than I've ever done, in virtually any ultra probably.  So that will be nice to feel an easier 100.  The race doesn't start till noon so of course I still get to run through the whole night which honestly I'd love to get out of, but I likely won't at Wasatch so through the night it is.  My family is going to come up and camp at the start/finish, so that will be fun to see them.  All my kids still haven't seen me run a 100.

When I ran with my great friend Carol at Black Canyon one piece of wisdom I remember gaining from her was don't be a slave to your goals.  I really like that.  Have those goals, make them big if you want, work toward them, but don't let them rule you.  Don't let them take the enjoyment out of the experience.  
So I'm going to have pacers the last 50 miles through almost all of the night.  I thought since I've already done my first 2 100's solo, maybe I should keep the "streak" going and be a female Karl Meltzer.  But with Carol's wise advice, I'm not going to worry about that.  I know a pacer makes things easier, and I feel good about using pacers this time and at Wasatch.

So off for another crazy adventure!  I feel like this is plenty early in training to recover from, probably do a little shorter road racing in the next few months, then buckle down come June and saddle up for the big dance for me this year, at home in my own mountains.

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