Sunday, September 30, 2012

My first 50k!

It's been my goal this year to run a 50k.  I've run 4 marathons (and Ironman of course) on the road, and have raced 14 miles on trail twice along with a few shorter trail races, and have run almost 20 on trail while training.  I really feel like this 50k/31 miles is a good goal for right now.  I don't worry about not finishing, but it's enough new that gives me the satisfaction of accomplishing something I haven't yet.

I've been really happy with my training.  I really have only ridden my bike once (for a race) since the Utah Half the end of August, and have only swam a handful of times since then as well.  But I've ramped up my trail miles and have done some true up in the mountains climbing/power hiking runs, not my usual canal roads or flat-ish trail along the side of the mountain trail runs.  They've been amazing!  I really need to get photos posted for you.

My plan was a race called the Elk Run 50k in 2 weeks which goes up more than flat.  That's how I've trained.  Unfortunately the race isn't happening this year for some reason and I just found out last week.  So with only 1 other 50k in the state before the end of the year I finally talked myself into committing.  I was going to go to Michigan to see my sister but then finances didn't make that possible.  So I toyed with taking the kids down to St George with my husband while he works the St George Marathon expo.  They love hotels and it's nice when the company pays for it of course, but our 3rd grader who's in a gifted program in school is really being challenged this year and I was fearful of giving her any more work than she already has.  And yes, I really wanted to get this goal.  Of course I could just run the distance, but you all know it's just not the same.  Antelope isn't very hilly, but I'll take what I can get.

So Antelope Island 50k, here I come!  On Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  Figured I'd at least post this preview even though there's only 6 days to go, it's nice to have some hype leading up to a big race, and this sign up last minute - fly by the seat of my pants racing I've been doing since we started trying to get pregnant almost 2 years ago doesn't always give the satisfaction of the mental build up and excitement one should feel from big races.

To close this post I thought I'd paste in the waiver I signed to sign up for this race.  Trail/Ultra racing truly is a whole other breed of sport I am thrilled to be entering  :)
Ok, you know the drill.  This entry contains limitations of your legal rights, so read it. If you get hurt, it’s your fault, you shouldn’t have been here.  I know that there are hazards associated with running this race. These hazards can include, but are not limited to, bikers, hikers, horses, very large wild animals, roots, rocks, trees, other assorted wildlife, flora and fauna, and other crazed runners. Having read that last sentence, I am certifying that I understand these risks and I am properly trained to participate. By running this race I, and my estate, will hold harmless anybody or organization officially associated with the race. This includes Antelope Island State Park, the State of Utah, the Race Director and his minions, Buffalo Run Adventures, LLC, and any of our sponsors. I also agree to abide by the rules of the race and acknowledge that the Race Director’s word is final. I also agree that by running ultras, I know I’m nuts and should know better than to do something like this, but, hey, it’s fun and impresses the opposite sex. If you are under 18, you can run any race, with your parents and the race directors’ permission.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jubralee Winner!

Congrats Reb!  You are my winner for the Jubralee!
Email me for info on how to claim your lovely new bra  :)

Thanks to all for entering!  Even if you didn't win one, find a way to welcome a Moving Comfort member to your family.  If you're a B cup or larger (or even an A), I promise you won't regret it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving Comfort Jubralee + giveaway!

I love this bra and photo of my 4 year old and I that was a random catch when I was just trying to get a photo for this post.

So I already wrote a bra review on the Moving Comfort Juno bra, but they have another great bra I have been using and she deserves attention too.  So here it is.  The Moving Comfort Jubralee is a soft, smooth, pretty bra that supports great and is easy to put on.

From the company:
combines the best features from Moving Comfort’s top selling styles to create a state-of-the-art, high impact bra featuring hidden side and under bust support, front adjustable straps and, subtle-contour cups. 
Jubralee utilizes a unique combination of encapsulation, compression, and elevation to deliver unmatched support and comfort in a flattering, streamlined, and sporty design.
Consider this:· In one hour of aerobic exercise, an unsupported 34D breast moves about 1,000 vertical feet. Jubralee reduces vertical motion by roughly 450 feet, the height of a 45-story building.
Source: Moving Comfort Biomechanics Testing Research, 2011
The acceleration (how quickly the breast stops and starts) of an unsupported 34D breast is approximately 2.9g. Compare this to airplane take off and landing accelerations ranging from 1.7 to 2.1g. Moving Comfort’s Jubralee cuts breast acceleration in half, minimizing pain during exercise. Source: Moving Comfort Biomechanics Testing Research, 2011

The fabric is really soft.  A thin and smooth outer layer and a cool mesh on the inside.  Not a bad, too loose mesh, it's sewn really well, but just a mesh that breathes and fits well.  The actual inside of the cup is another very smooth and soft fabric and the mesh is above and between the cups.
It has a great firm band which is so important in sports bra support, and buckles in the back like a normal bra making it easy to put on.  I used their great fitting room part of the site (which I highly recommend using) and went with the 32 band they suggested and while I worried it was too small, I appreciate how firm it is now.  Cup wise I think the Jubralee might run just a tad smaller than my Juno.  I have a D in both, but I feel like the Juno is a little bit bigger.  I don't think the size discrepancy is enough to go up or down a cup from what I have, just something to keep in mind if you're in between sizes, I suggest going with the bigger cup size in the Jubralee.  D sounds big to me even though I am nursing, but that's what the fitting room said and that's what fits.
The Jubralee has the same style straps that thread through the bra and have smooth not scratchy velcro in the front making the bra easy to adjust and another nursing friendly bra!  The fabric of this bra like I said is smooth and thinner than the Juno so it doesn't thread through as easy when I undo it to nurse, but for most women who aren't nursing with it, that isn't a concern.  The velcro doesn't seem quite as strong as the Juno's and has come undone a few times when I didn't want it to, but ironically not when I'm running, but mostly right after I fasten it again and get up to move around.  So one shouldn't worry too much about the velcro coming undone, it was just something I noticed.

The support in the bra is just as good as the Juno, high impact (and I am a C-D cup right now so I do have something to support).  Something I wear to run and teach my water aerobics classes that involves jumping and plyometrics and such.  Moving Comfort does actual bio-mechanical testing with this bra.  I remember seeing them debuting the testing and the bra at summer Outdoor Retailer show last summer (they're actually kiddie corner to our Altra booth).  So the Jubralee keeps me from bouncing, but still looks very attractive.  I'm vain sometimes, but we'll just call it building my confidence beacuse I like the way I look ;)  If I ever choose to run in just a sports bra and shorts, THIS is the bra!  It's just so pretty.  They have several other awesome color choices I love too.  This company run by women really does a great job aesthetically as well as functionally of course.

I don't have any complaints with this bra.  Haven't had any chafing or rubbing, and the velcro has only slipped a few times, but not when I was actually running.  I'll take it for the ease of nursing and adjustment access it gives me.  The bra breathes great and has good shape.  The traditional style straps don't bother my shoulders in back at all like I wondered if they would since it's not racerback style.  I find the Jubralee being my go to bra lately because it's so easy to put on and supports great!  Definately check it out.  Moving comfort is priced similar to other high quality brands and is totally worth the money.  I tell you ladies, you spend the $50 (they have some colors for $32 right now too - that's a deal!) on a bra like this and it will not only support you way better than your $15 Target bra, but it will be more comfortable because it breathes better and will surely last longer.  I've given my Moving Comfort bras a beating this last 6 months running, biking, racing, and teaching in them all week and undoing and pulling them up and down all the time to nurse and they're holdilng up great!  Like any other important piece of equiptment like running shoes, you really need to pay for quality.  This bra and any Moving Comfort bra really (I have 3) are worth the money, worth the money, worth the money.  I am not sponsored or paid at all by Moving Comfort, just a happy customer.  Check em out!

Or how about winning one?!  Leave me a comment telling me which Moving Comfort bra you think you'd like the best (or which you already like the best if you have one) and I'll enter you in once to win a Jubralee!  You can have a second entry if you like their Facebook page and mention my blog on their wall, and then let me know you did here in a comment.  I'll draw a random winner on Saturday September 15th, so enter by 11:59pm Friday September 14th. Good luck!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Catch up time!

I have several posts I need to catch up on, but a baby and 3 other kids that need me and a hubby that gets grumpy when I spend all day on the computer, so I'll do them as soon as I can, but here's what's to come.

Utah Half - last minute half ironman
Alta Peruvian Downhill Dash - 5:40-6:04 pace?!  Yep!
Ogden Valley Tri
Trail Running