Thursday, April 19, 2012

An awesome running AND nursing sports bra? Yep! I found one!

2016 update below

 I'm so happy with my Moving Comfort Juno bra!  I've run while nursing all my babies, but have never been super comfortable.  With our first baby I just wore two compression sports bras.  Worked ok support wise, but not great and it's funny how when you're not used to it (larger cup size), the girls bouncing around actually throws your gait off, did for me anyway, drove me nuts!  With our 2nd baby I bought my first encapsulating bra (sports bra with cups, not just a solid piece of 'hold em down' fabric) and it worked better, but often I'd have to wear a compression bra on top of that as well.  Then we had our 3rd baby and I bought a more expensive sports bra, sometimes you have to pay for quality.  I think it may have even been a moving comfort, but it was kind of old school with a cotton outer.  I remember running the St George Marathon with it.  Rained the whole entire race and two spots on the top hem of the bra rubbed me so bad I was bleeding by the end.  But it was a good bra support wise.  To nurse however I'd have to hook it on the loosest setting in the back, only hook one hook (not the 3 it had, make sense?) and just pull one side up while I nursed.  Yes it gave me the access I needed, but was uncomfortable smashing the top of my breast (I hate the word boob, don't know why, just do) and I worried I was ruining the band.
The Juno.  Isn't it cute! 
ANYWAY!  Sorry for the digression.  Not sure what happened to that bra but wanted a new one anyway after 3 years.  I found the Moving Comfort Juno and it is just fabulous!  Not only do I get the support I want, but I like the way it looks and it is a breeze to nurse with.  I'll highlight my favorite things about it

  • Great support.  It is more encapsulating than compression, but kind of does both.  Has a nice wide band on the bottom which is important, and the straps don't have elastic, another important feature.  Bounce comes from too loose a band and flexible straps and I do not like bounce.  The straps on the juno also adjust really easily, and from the front - even easier!
  • Comfortable.  It's kind of a pain to get off when I'm done wearing it, but not horrible, and it's easier to get on.  Although it is a racerback style bra, it has 3 rows of hooks in the back to tighten the band down just a little more.  The straps are a great width and slightly padded and I have noticed no discomfort with them at all!  Actually I have noticed no rubbing anywhere from this bra, very important.  The bra will dry well when I use it in tri's and breathes well otherwise.
  • Cute.  Yep, here's my vanity again.  I have a few sports bras that buckle in the back like a regular bra and they are definitely easier to put on, but I don't always love where the strap hits my shoulder blade and they don't always fit well under shirts, especially tank tops, and don't look as cute alone.  I don't go sports bra only very often, but on the occasions that I do I prefer a racer back look.  Anyway, love the look of the back of this bra, and it looks great and is flattering from the front too.  The formed cups are gentle but flattering and not padded, just formed.  Fun colors too!
  • Nursing friendly.  No more pull the bottom up and squish the breast access, this bra has straps that slide in and out of the body of the bra in front easy peasy thanks to great velcro.  Now I know, I said velcro.  But you wouldn't even know its there!  Super trim and not scratchy at all and yet it works!  I have fastened and unfastened this bra so many times already and I initially worried maybe the velcro would wear out and not hold as well, but I have no worries at all so far.  I save the Juno for running and wear other bras on the bike.  I run 3 times a week and teach 2 fitness classes so I'm really in this bra almost every day and when I get back from a workout, my Ella is usually ready to eat.  I'm tired and hungry and don't want to put her off for a shower and new clothes so I really appreciate that I just scoop up my sweet little bundle and nurse her right then.  Will also be really convenient when I start racing soon not to have to change at the finish line before I feed her, and is great when I take her on runs in the trailer and she needs to eat.  Oh and I'm really impressed with how well the bra has held it's shape.  I worried my pulling it up and down would but a kink in the cup but has done great and washes up well.
I don't really have any complaints, but to give an honest review, where the bra hooks together in the back I'll feel like something's there and move the tag sometimes, but it's not that.  It doesn't hurt or rub, just something I'm aware of.  Not a deal breaker at all.
Sizing wise I think they're on.  While nursing I wear a 34C normal bra and went with a 32D Juno.  Now yes the band is tight but that's important and I wanted that.  I do kind of wish I went with a C now that I'm settling into my milk supply, but I needed the D that first month and haven't noticed any new bouncing.  I know when I wore it the month before I had Ella I was sure that was the right size because I was kind of popping out all over, but I forgot that your rib cage goes in a little and for me at least, I go down about a cup size from right before and after baby once my supply settles.  Just keep that in mind if you're expecting.

Thank you Moving Comfort!  They are a great company to deal with too, great website, very knowledgeable customer service and live chat.  I love live chat.  Hope this helps someone, it's really frustrating as a woman to have anything be uncomfortable while exercising.  It's hard enough to fit it all in timing wise, the last thing you need is something else like clothing to get in the way of a good stress relieving break.  Time to get out and enjoy spring!

*I bought this bra myself, it was not a freebie

Edit to update - This post has almost always been my most viewed post, and it's years old now (updating today in March 2016).  A couple other bra's are worth mentioning including the Moving Comfort Jubralee which I have used.  Nice smooth soft fabric, back closure, traditional bra straps, possibly not as much support as Juno but pretty close and easier to get on and off.  Fiona and Rebound Racer from Moving Comfort are two other options to check out too thanks to their front velcro straps making it nursing friendly.  Shefit is a new bra that I saw and recommended to a friend who loves it a lot! Very customizable and nursing friendly.  Stay active my pregnant and nursing friends!  Pay the money for one of these great bras, and get the right size.  Keep hydrated and listen to your body.


Sara said...

That is soo good to know. With at least four months left of the training/nursing combo, I could probably benefit from not having to do the half pulled up thing to nurse Will. Do you think it's a bra you would also use when not nursing--like after Ella is weaned?

Stephanie said...

Cute find sis! I will definitely be borrowing that when the time comes!

Laura said...

My bras are ok but it's nice to find another mom that is training and nursing at the same time.

jwfbean said...

Wife is looking for a good thing to wear through a tri. Would this tolerate the swim, or should she change in the transition area?

Ted Juhl said...

That's a great find! Seeing the picture itself, I know that it's sturdy and offers great support. The strap is firmly locked, which means there will be minimal bouncing. :)

P.S.: Your banner photo is really cute! Like mother, like daughter! :)


Clara Snyder said...

I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody

The Tomeceks said...

Thanks for the information I just bought mine! I have been looking for a good breastfeeding sports bra since I just wear a normal nursing bra running. :( Excited to use it!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Awesome review, was just needing a nurse+sports bra and here's my answer! Thank you

Spangled said...

Moving Comfort makes a couple of different styles of sports bras with the same velcro shoulder. I'm a bustier gal and I like the Fiona.
I was looking online to see if there were any other good options for nursing friendly sports bras besides the Fiona, and nope! Guess I will just buy another one in a larger size. :)

Amita Singh said...

Finding a well fitted sports bra online would be life changing. I found mine from the New Balance India website. Check it out if you're looking for new ones. Thank me later.

Groomy said...

Yeah that’s truly a great find. I am pleased that you shared all these details here. Actually I would also need such comfortable sports bra for my workouts so was just looking for the review. You have helped me a lot with this post.

jhon dee said...

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