Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saratoga Springs Tri - 2

2 in more than one way, you'll see.  I did this tri last year for the first time and was super impressed with the whole thing, organization, course, prizes, everything.  And this year was no exception!  Sprint only, open water, put on by regular people,  not regular race directors and yet they do such a professional job.  This is a race worth your time and the entry fee is very reasonable.

Swim 11:33 - last year there were big tall smooth waves, this year once we got out of the sheltered harbor there were waves, but choppier.  It wasn't quite as fun a swim as last year and I saw some people struggling, but not too bad.  I made up a lot of ground on the men here being a stronger swimmer, it felt good.  Water temp was colder than I expected after the rumors of 80+ degree water, but certainly wasn't cold.

Both transitions were smooth so I won't cover them beyond that

Bike 36.49- I went out strong and all I remember was as we were heading southwest toward the turnaround, I was surprsied to not see any men yet.  They started up to 10 minutes ahead of me and yet it seemed like they should have been heading back minutes ago.  Felt good the whole bike.  Saw my same green bike twice behind me and it's a weird feeling.  I told one guy on it that I passed that they like to go fast, pick it up  :)  I said it in a nice joking way I promise, or maybe I just thought it and told him nice bike as I passed.  Got to see my friend Becky coming down from her neighborhood to watch just as I was heading back down in to T2.  Forgive the lack of detail, it's been a while since the race and details escape me.  I am happy though that I finally had the fastest bike split for the women, hardly ever happens.  May not have been as good of competition as other races, but I've been working on the bike for a few years and I was happy to see this at least.

Run 20:07 - Went out fast not knowing how far ahead I was, saw Becky as I headed out on the first section.  A friend of mine, one of the race directors, Blake, came riding by me on this little mini dirt bike and got me excited saying something about prize money.  I passed a few men I was looking to and kept up a good effort until the last 1/4 mile when I started feeling a little fatigue.  Finish line is a great downhill maybe 1/4 mile stretch facing the lake with a big timing clock and big red arch and spectators.  Perfect!

1:09.27  which looks like 1 second faster than last year.  I'm guessing the bike was longer or windier this year and the swim shorter since I was 5 months pregnant then and pretty sure not only 1 second slower than this year  :)  Enjoyed some of the great post race food (seriously, there's such a great variety there, it's appreciated!) and chatted with Becky and other friends.  Wandered over to glance at results not thinking much of it, and low and behold I saw my 2nd place....overall....with the MEN!

I'm not sure how, if the couple men below me that I've never beat just had a hard day especially with the swim or what, but wow!  That was exciting!  Awards were great, plenty of raffles and I once again came home with more money than I paid to race and drive down and back.  Love this race!

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