Racing Highlights

I'm starting waaayyy back, so won't be able to remember everything, heck, I can't even remember everything I did 3 years ago, but I'll try to put in the highlights.  Road racing I've done everything from 5k-marathon.  In triathlon, I've done over close to 100 sprint/olympic triathlons, 3 half ironman tri's, and 1 full Ironman.  In the Ultra/trail world I've done numerous races 50k-100miles. 
Not listing everything I've done, but here are some highlights

  2018 -   RRR attempt - trying to figure out this chronic Haglund's deformity
               Harriman 50k - 1st place, CR, 4:23
               Squaw Peak - 4th place
              Ogden Marathon, 3:11 on mild training

 2017 -   CC 25k, 1st place
              UTMB - amazing trip to Europe and 100k of amazing experience, I'll be back
              Bryce Canyon 50mile - WIN I worked hard for
              Grand Canyon 50k, 3rd place
              Lake Sonoma 50mile

2016 -    Backbone 68 miler - 3rd place
              Antelope Island 50k - 5th place
              North Face Challenge Utah 50 mile - 1st place

              Western States 100!  19th place 
              Graduated from Nursing School to become an RN
              April - Mendocino 50k, 1st place
              March - Buffalo Run 50k, 5:01, 3rd place, happy ankle!!
              Feb - Indoor half marathon, 2nd place

2015 -   12/5/2015TNF San Francisco, 8:38, 21st female.  Super strong happy run!
              Sept - 2nd place Wasatch 100, 25:49
              Aug-1st place Katcina Mosa 100k!  13:51, 2 hour course PR, 3rd fastest all time woman
              June - 4th? place Wasatch Steeplechase, met goal of sub 3:00
              April - 3:09, 10th place, Ogden Marathon, new PR
              1st Tulip 5k, 1st Johnny Runner CC 10k
              March - 1st OV, Buffalo 100, 19:45, Course Record!!
              Feb11th place Black Canyon 100k, 14:20
              1/5/2015 - 5th place USATF 100k championships, Bandera 100k, 6th woman OV

2014 -   2nd place TelosTurkeyTri, 19:50 5k split
             3:19 SOJO road marathon, 3rd place
             4th place Run Rabbit Run 100, hare division
             12th place Speedgoat 50k   
             1st OV, new course record at Bryce 100, 24:16 - First 100, no pacer, I did it!
             2nd place Timp Trail Marathon, under CR, hour+PR, 4:22
             8th place, 8:34 Lake Sonoma 50
             2nd OV Buffalo run 50k, 5:20
             11th place Moab Red Hot 55k, 5:27
2013 - 2nd OV Mesquite Marathon, 3:10!
             5th OV (?) SOJO Marathon, 3:27
             UROC 100k, 14:57, 8th OV
             First Xterra Tri, 1st OV!
             First 100k - 15:47, Katchina Mosa, 4th OV (I think)
             1st OV Daybreak Olympic Tri  
             4th OV Timp Trail Full Marathon, 5:18
             First 50 miler - 10:55, 52 mile Fruita Trail Running Festival, 5th OV
             3rd OV Revolution Run, 5 hour run around 442 meter indoor track, 31 miles
            1:46 St George half marathon the day after a 26.2 mile marathon trail run
2012 -  4th OV, First ultra marathon - Antelope (trail) 50k, 5:12
            135 mile Ultimate Relay SOLO triathlon, 12:59
            3rd OV Timp Trail Half Marathon
            5th OV, Salem Spring Tri
            1st OV, Spring Sprint Tri
            February 15th - baby #4

2011 - 3:36 SL Marathon
            1st OV Timp Trail Half Marathon
            1st OV, Daybreak Sprint Tri (3 wins in 3 years, 5wks pg)
            2nd OV, Women Rock Tri (8wks pg)
            4th OV, Saratoga Tri (16wks pg)
            2nd OV by 1 second, Triathamom Tri (20wks pg)
            Monster Dash 5k (25wks pg)
            Half Pregnant Trail 10k  (27wk pg)
            Finishing the growing of baby #4

2010 -  Proud owner of a real tri bike, retired the 10 year old alumanin road my hubby  :)
            Amazing 6 months of IM training including an awesome 200+ mile weekend with Sarah Jarvis
            I'm an IRONMAN!!!   Ironman St George, May 1st, 12:09, hardest course in North America, best race and day of my career!  Thank you, thank you family and friends!
            1st OV, Daybreak Sprint
            2nd OV, Salem Spring Tri
            3rd OV, Rockcliff olympic
            3rd OV, Escpae from Scofield butt kicker high elevation 50.7 mile tri
            1st OV, Stansbury sprint
            2nd OV, Battle at Midway olympic, husband's 1st open water tri
            1st OV, Blackridge sprint tri
            New half marathon PR, 1:29, Hobblecreek
            Utah Half, 5:03 PR (complete with 3 traffic light stops)
            1st OV Kokopelli sprint

2009 - Ogden Marathon, BQ, 3:37          
          1st race entered as "Elite", Salem Spring Tri, 3rd OV
           Broke 5th metatarsal in right foot just out of T1 at BAM, finished bike course and about 200       yards of the run, 1st DNF
           12 weeks off
           1st non-RBR race WIN at Daybreak Tri!!!  1:05.  5 min behind 1st OV male, nearly 6 min ahead of 2nd OV female.  
            1st 100 mile ride, Heber Valley Century, 6:06 plus stops?
            2nd OV, Telos Turkey Tri

2008 - April 27th baby #3
           1st non-Richard Barnum Reece race placing overall,  Provo tri, 3rd OV, 7 weeks pp, 4 year old's first tri - open water with arm floaties and all!
           Spud #2, 1st in 19-24, Spudman in Burley, ID
           1st sub 20:00 5k, KOPFC 5k, 19:47
           St George Marathon, 3:41

2007 - First Half Ironman, Vikingman in Burley, ID, 5:41
           First Marathon, Deseret News, 3:56
           First prize $$, Dino Tri
           Utah Half, 5:47 (unknowingly pregnant with #3, not so much fun)

2006 - Jan 13th baby #2
            First half marathon, Hobblecreek, 1:43

2004-2005 - I know I did stuff, hmmm.......

2003 - Nov 6th became a Mommy!

2001 - USAT National Age Group Championships, Couer d'Alene, ID, 8th in 15-18

2000 - Spudman, Burley, ID  Earned my first ceramic 'Spud' trophy for 15-18

1999 - First Tri, sprint pool tri in Riverton, UT, placed overall I think


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