Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 days to go! Get your guesses in!

UPDATE:  Baby is here and we have our winners!    Looks like Bethany was closest on the date (which I'll give her since even though she entered later, she nailed the date, next closest early entry was 3 days off), and Crystal was closest on weight.  Congrats ladies!  Email me at lhowlett12 at gmail dot com!

If anyone is out there (it's been kind of dead on here lately, are ya'll just waiting to read the big news or something cool?  Yeah, me too) AND interested in free stuff, play guess the baby stats with me!  Guess the gender, birth day, and weight and I'll send the winners for birth day and weight a prize.  Don't have to be closest on both, just birth day or weight.  Maybe an even awesomer prize if you nail both.  I have a pair of Injinji socks, a Road ID gift certificate, and could probably score someone a sweet Altra discount code too in case of a tie.  And if you don't want to guess details I have a simple little poll on the side bar for boy or girl.  Thanks for reading!

So here are the stats from my other 3 kids.  I'm due February 10th by the way
M - 1 week late, 8lbs3oz
T - 1 week early, 9lbs15.6oz (I like to call that 10lbs!)
K - 3 days late (we argue about this, husband thinks she was 3 days early), 9lbs6oz

Monday, January 9, 2012

Help a brother out (tonight if possible)

My good friend Matt Williams, a local ultrarunner and just all around good guy is vying or a pair of shoes from the best shoe producer ever, Altra, and just needs the most likes on his pic partway down on Altra Running's Facebook page.  Read his description, such excellent writing, I promise the 2 minutes it will take you to read it will make you smile and remind us all how crazy we are for what we do for happiness.  Although it's not so crazy, being active and outdoors, pretty wise actually.  Anyway, contest ends tomorrow at 9am so if you could hop on tonight or early tomorrow that'd be awesome!

There was a comment made that maybe he shouldn't win since he already has a pair, to let someone who doesn't have a pair yet win, but I don't really agree.  I think he has just as much right to a new pair as anyone and here's why.  The man already owns 5 pair of Altra shoes.  He's paid full price for them.  Hey I won't lie, free stuff is always good, but probably coming from being on the back end of Altra, I've come to feel at least personally, that I don't feel as good asking for freebies anymore unless it's already a company I support and know.  Matt and another friend Craig (and I'm sure many others out there) have been such vocal advocates of Altra, and these guys weren't given free stuff, they aren't sponsored.  People talk like the only way they can get these shoes is by winning them.  Sorry, but they are in 150+ stores around the country and online.  These guys paid for their shoes themselves, and personally, I think that says something.
But hey anyone who's interested in their first pair and needs a little discount code love (no, not 50% off, they don't give me quite that much power), I am happy to hook you up.  Email me.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"I work out"

Ok, I've been trying hold back posting this video because some might frown on it or call it too much, but I think it's hilarious and I love the beat of the song!  I also LOL at the video because it's just funny.  It's not trying to objectify women (doesn't actually really have women dancing much at all), doesn't involve smoking, drugs, or drinking (except they're at a bar in one scene), it's just these guys putting on a hilarious show and making fun of themselves.  Anyway, blame it on my swimming background, but I grew up a speedo girl and still don't have a problem with them on a good swimmer body (actually think they look better than Jammers on swimmer bodies), but these aren't quite the swimmer speedos we're all used to, so you've been warned.  No thongs, just....um...looser fabric?  The most uncomfortable part is probably for 10 or so seconds at 1:00 and 2:12-2:30.  If you're easily offended just listen to the song and skip the video, or the song all together.
Shame me if you will  :)

LOL, I just laugh every time.  Don't know how sexy I'm feeling these days, although yes I recognize I have still retained some tone and grow out front and not all over, but man, when your kids refer to you as 'big belly' or your husband laughs in shock when you walk by in a spandex workout tank top, or I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror at certain angles, yeah, it's a little unusual.  Although I will say my tops have never looked better up top from a cleavage point of view  ;)

And I have been working out.  Did a great weights aerobics class tonight, am enjoying spinning ok (although sometimes I just want to do my own workout, may throw my bike on the trainer just to see if I can even fit at all, I just don't want my body and muscles to forget the positioning), and love the water.  I even did the masters swim workout New Years Eve which was 112x50's, 5600 yards.  Really wanted to say I did that since I was bummed I wouldn't be doing the Beat the New Year 5k I've wanted to since the beginning of this pregnancy.  But hey if you look at it from a yards standpoint, 3.1 miles is 5456 yards, so I guess I did do that 5k, just in the water  :)  Happy New Year to you all!