Wednesday, April 2, 2014

FLEXR water bottle and belt review

Come on, admit it.  How often have you added something to your water bottle- juice, electrolyte drink, carb drink, protein, etc- finished it, and then found it in the car or your bag or garage days or weeks later?  I know I have.  This might be a solution

I was sent a box of goodies from FLEXR Sports to review.  It included several water bottles, liner refills, and a neoprene running pouch/belt.  They have been very kind and generous with their customer service. 
The basis of their company is creating a more flexible water bottle with biodegradable disposable liners.  From FLEXR:
  • No more water sloshing, crinkling, or annoying noise, thanks to the biodegradable bottle liner which shrinks as the liquid is used, making it feel
    more like a solid.
  • No more harmful bacteria or annoying aftertaste, no more bottles to clean, thanks to the disposable fully biodegradable liner.
  • Ergonomic shape and feel allowing comfort for miles upon miles.
  • Very flexible and squeezable, fitting your hand comfortably enabling you to get your water or favorite mix on the go.
  • Air space between liner and bottle act as an insulator to keep fluids cooler longer.
  • Patented one way jet stream valve, for accurate and precise flow.
  • Extremely aerodynamic when turned sideways (great for on the bike). 16oz capacity.
  • Designed by athletes for athletes and all materials made in the USA. US patent pending.

FLEXR's shaped bottles,
lots of colors & additional size options
 Now as for my own experience, I did find the 16oz water bottle to be a little more flexible to squeeze and comfortable to hold.  It comes in several different fun colors and works with a very basic but functional sleeve that with a hand strap and small pouch big enough for a key and gel or two.  Each bottle comes with one 25 count roll of bags.  Additional rolls are $2.95 for the 160z size.  They also make an 8oz and 28oz bottle.
As for my own experience while testing, I don't know that I heard less sloshing but I am very slosh/bounce sensitive.  I am intrigued by the idea that having the fluid in the shrinking liner acts as an insulator since your hand cannot as directly warm it up.  The bottles are already BPA free which is great, I can see that you would avoid bacteria from a not completely clean water bottle.  I'm not sure however what toxins they refer to the liners reducing.
While using the bottle with a liner you don't have to close the twist turn valve all the way and won't lose much fluid if you don't, which is good because I personally am not a fan of the turning, open-closed valve.  As a runner it's possible but required more than one hand when I was sweaty.  On the bike it would seem impossible to turn the valve.  They do offer a few bottle top straw options that would help on the bike.
I am pretty green and into less waste and recycling so the idea of throwing something away every use is troubling to me, but I appreciate that it is biodegradable at least.  That said, I still have a hard time with the waste side of it.  The good news is that they bottles come with a plug so you can use the bottle without the liner.
I mainly carry water in my bottles so don't feel the need for the clean effect of the liners, but for someone who does a lot of drink mixing away from home (protein or recover drink at the gym for instance) the liners would be nice.  The wide mouth of the bottle make for easier mixing and filling too.  It can be a pain to get the very bottom of a water bottle or any grooves clean, especially if you don't have quick access to clean it.  I would use the liners in that circumstance.

FLEXR also sent their FLEXR Sport Neo Running Pouch.  This belt does not carry water, although they do sell one that holds a bottle in back.  It clips together and has a zippered pouch that could hold and iPhone, several gels and a key.  Not huge, but suitable and didn't bounce which I really appreciate!  The neoprene is nice so that if you get wet from rain, an aid station, splashing through a stream, what's inside won't get wet.  The belt also has attachments for a race number.  I found this belt handy to use when I was running shorter and just wanted to carry my phone but not carry my larger packs.
Bib number sits under the pouch
So in summary, FLEXR makes some interesting products that could be really helpful for some.  I don't see myself using it during activity or everyday, but when I'm running on the trails or in a race and am done and going to mix my recovery shake but won't be home soon to clean my bottle, the liners will be nice.  Their prices are good and customer service great as well.  I also appreciate that 5% of their sales go to charity.  Thanks FLEXR!


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