Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wasatch eve

It's here!  I still have drop bags to pack and plenty more posts to write I won't, but I'm excited and a healthy bit nervous.
Wasatch is 100 #4 for me. I have had three very different experiences so far with Bryce, RRR and Buffalo, but have gained from each. The photos from L-R, top to bottom teach me. 
Tomorrow and Saturday I hope to have fun. I hope to push past pain and endure, to go into the night unafraid, and to run strong but easy. I hope to smile a lot and enjoy my surroundings. I hope to surprise myself and break past barriers I may set. I hope to remember those I love, and to run smart. Looking forward to seeing many friends (good luck!) and some family out there and to be spoiled by my crew Jeremy (I'm racing on our anniversary weekend yet again) and pacers Seth and Roch (which spoiling may consist of tough love too). Let's do this thing!  

Thank you Altra Running, Vfuel, and Elete Electrolytes for your support!

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