Saturday, January 4, 2014

Handy winter pony tail trick

I had the chance to go skate (nordic) skiing today for the first time in several years. Truth be told I've probably only been half a dozen times total, and it's a crazy good workout especially for the arms ironically, but I really like the skating movement. Went with a friend Canice and his little girl Fiona. Got to try out the ski kit on a Chariot, a kit we haven't purchased thus far. It was harder for sure but would be a even better workout and fun to enjoy the nature with a little one. 
ANYWAY, sorry. So we were going along and my hair was down because I forgot an elastic, but I needed my ears covered with my buff (which are awesome to cover or head or pull down to cover your neck and are super easy to make if you can't buy one, it's just a 1 seam tube of fabric, knits don't fray) but I was getting hot and my hair was blowing all over. So I figured out how to tie it back and cover my ears. Perfect!
Just twist the buff in a loop in the back when it's on and pull the hair through, voila!
Ok so it's probably been done before but it was new to me so I thought I'd share. Get out and enjoy something different using this season off from high mileage and intensity. I plan to start my structured training for an event in April at the end of this month. Until then it's play. Base and cross training are good for the mind and body!