Saturday, June 11, 2011

Daybreak 3

I came into Daybreak casual in that I was 'only' doing the sprint and decided I'd do it only a couple weeks before after coming to the stark realization I was not in shape to race Boise and there really wasn't a point in going up there since I don't really care about qualifying for 70.3 worlds.  I would like to go up and do it because of all the people that go up and do it, but wasn't worth it this year.

Anyway, once I decided to do Daybreak for sure I was excited and looking forward to going for a 3 for 3, 3 wins in 3 years.  2009 I raced it 3 months after breaking my foot.  I'd been running 3 weeks I think when the race came so I was cautious and nervous, but actually had a fantastic race winning by 6 minutes.  2010 was post Ironman so I was in great shape.  Came away with win #2 again several minutes up.  And 2011?  Well let me tell you.

Swim - 13:58 - 1st woman, 6th OV w/men.  LOVED the new swim venue!  Point to point, under bridges big and small, great sandy beach exit with a big dock all around for spectators, and a big finish area to run by.  Water was fine.  Pretty cold upon getting in, but wasn't cold at all while swimming.  I felt ok, never felt like I got into a good groove, kind of felt anaerobic and not smooth most of the time.  My old tattered but full sleeve Xterra practice wetsuit I wore (since I sold my QR last year thinking we would have a baby this year...) was good in the shoulders, but really squeezed my quads and that was uncomfortable.

T1 - 1:01 - 1st woman, 7thOV.  Not much to speak of, in and out.  Somewhat long run to the bikes, but a cool feeling to it.  Was concerned about possibly being cold going into the bike, but so glad I didn't put anything on, warmed up very quickly.  And loved the new sports bra I wore  :)

Bike - 42:09 - 3rd woman, 16thOV.  So I got out on the course once before the race this year because it's always good to ride the road up to the hill because of potholes, and it's good to ride the hill because it's a bit of a challenge.  You can't sit and spin, it's not a canyon climb, but you can't stand and crank the whole thing.  It's a good challenge.  Anyway, it seemed a little harder than I remember in practice, but come race day it felt smooth and fast without too much effort (which was the goal, not spike the HR).  That was nice.  The winds were very calm, I didn't have to deal with a lot of other riders or traffic, really liked riding along the lake new this year.  Don't love my bike split but oh well.

T2 - :46 - 1st woman, 7th OV.  Again, not much to speak of, in and out.  T2 is a funny one to rank because the more beginner athletes who choose to ride with their running shoes on can smoke you :)

Run - 22:52 - 1st woman, 13th OV.  Course must have been long based on others times.  This was the part that felt the hardest though.  My body kind of knows one pace when racing, and it's hard to rein that in.  I probably could have run a little faster, but I could tell my lack of fitness with how hard I was working for this run.  Found a guy to run with the last half of the run and that was nice.  Felt bad I was stalking behind him, but he didn't seem to like me to his side and I really didn't want to spur him on to run a faster pace, I was just content to follow him.  Apologized as I went to the finish and he kept on going for his 2nd Oly lap.  He didn't seem upset, thanks Canyon guy!  My goal was to stay out of that anaerobic area as much as possible, but still win, and besides the run I think I did that.

1:20.43, 1st woman, 10th OV.  3:50 lead on 2nd.  So I did it!  3rd win in 3 years!  And while it was 'just a sprint' (had someone say something to that effect on FB later.  Irritating.  I did the sprint for a reason, and sprints can be really hard if you push them to be, it's all out all the time if you're really racing it.  Ironman racing isn't everything....even to me), I was pretty excited to have done it since I hadn't really been training well or consistently.  At all.  Seriously.  Thank you body!
I think that guy wasn't interested in getting chicked  ;)
Great job USTrisports!  I loved the new finish venue, plenty of grass, much easier for spectators.  Was nice to see my husband and kids there of course, but my mom and brother too.  Thanks to sweet friend Aly Black for a really nice chat and my boys from Powertri for saving me a spot in T1, they're so good to me.
The race directors just did a great job overall on this one, I really think this is a race everyone should try.  Close by, affordable, cool swim, urban and country challenging but doable bike (because what goes up the whole first half screams down the whole second half!), and great almost all flat run.  Good day!
Always nice to have family there!  Wish I'd gotten a pic with my 4 biggest fans, they were probably busy helping Daddy sell shoes  :)

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