Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forget me!

and all my self centered posts.  I am so touched by my friend and fellow athlete Heath Thurston's example today.  I was watching the St George Marathon live finish line coverage this morning on the computer and noted quite a few of the more elite runners stumbling in or falling after the finish line, I hear it was real hot down there.  Then close to the 3 hr mark I see this guy stumbling bad about 20 yards from the finish line, and fall to his knees.  Then this guy coming up behind him stopped, picked him up, and carried all this guy's weight, supporting him through the finish line.  None of the staff or volunteers came to help till feet before the finish line, Heath carried him in with I'm sure super fatigued muscles.
What a guy
Heath is such a good example of thinking of others and remembering that it's just a race, it's for fun, we choose to do this.  People are more important.  The pregnancy emotions in me don't help, but I've been crying and so teary all day from watching it actually happen on the computer to every time I look at the pictures his brother Jarom posted.  It's even more touching to me today because it's my church's semi annual General Conference where our leaders speak words from the spirit to help us grow and become more Christlike.  Excellent example Heath!

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Jarvis Family said...

Funny, I just got on here to blog about the same thing. So forgive me for "copying" your post! Heath is great!