Monday, November 21, 2011

Pregnant pics, come help my indecisive self

Help me design a new header.  I LOVED my Ironman St George journey, but alas, that was almost 2 years ago now, and it's probably time to move on.  And my life couldn't be more different right now than during IMSG times, so I better put a new header up as temporary as it may be.  Or maybe I'll keep the rounder version of me up for a while after the baby so I don't go too crazy too quickly  :)  I have to say, most of the time I'm pretty relaxed right now and just accept that I really have no idea what next year will hold and I'll deal with it after the baby is born to see how all 6 of us (yeah my family sounds big now!) handle life with a new baby.  But then sometimes I worry I'll cop out with the baby excuse (yes I know I can take time for the baby and I, I will).  I haven't had a real training plan since IMSG in 2010 and honestly, I've never really followed a training plan so closely.  I LOVED it.  I knew what every day held workout wise, there was no "hmm, wonder what I feel like today" i.e. nothing productive gets done that day.  I am always one to say if you need motivation sign up for a race.  That's why I almost don't want to wait till next summer to see if I'll be up for anything epic in the fall, I'd almost rather sign up now so I can enjoy the early spring with the baby, but then be ready to go and committed come summer time.  Next year is my last in my age group so that sways me with certain races.  Anyway, we shall see.
Here are some fun pics my good friend Heidi took for me.  Help me vote for a new header pic (or 3, may do a collage header) with the poll on the right sidebar.  You can select 3 boxes.  Thanks!  *UPDATE*  So the poll is gone obviously, thanks to those who voted!  You're welcome to leave a comment still if you wish.

Hope everyone enjoys a nice Thanksgiving, I'm grateful to have my twin sister here from Michigan for a few weeks and even on our 28th birthday on the 28th!  My family had a lovely day Saturday baptizing our beautiful 8 year old, then spent more family time the next day with my little brother who is getting ready to serve a 2 year LDS mission for our church at the end of the month.  Oh and I hear the highs are supposed to be in the 50's for the next few days, lovely!  Maybe I'll even venture outside - gasp!

Anyway, here's the slideshow of all the images including some of in black and white.  Enjoy and feel free to click the slideshow image to make it bigger.  Below it are the images to vote on.  I'll take them down next week as to upset blogger with a long post.

While these guys aren't a part of my header poll, they are amazing and cute as can be.
They'd win the contest hands down so I had to fair things up  :)

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