Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So I haven't raced in almost 2 months, haven't done an oly distance in 2 years so decided last minute (as is the story of my life) to sign up.
I enjoy having our kids there but it's not super convenient but I have missed having them there. Life with Altra and a new baby means i have to leave the kids with grandma to race sometimes and that it's easier to leave the kiddos home with dad when we have a baby. Actually my husband generally stresses out regardless and isn't always the funnest to be around at a race. He gets more stressed than I do and I get that handling 4 kids is stressful, but love, I do it everyday :)

Sorry, getting sidetracked. My point is they were there and I was grateful to hear and see them and play by the water with them after.
As soon as we got there I rushed to sign up, set up, and fill the baby up :)

Swim - Not the best time but not bad. Zero visibility and stinky water but a nice temp and pretty color :) I appreciated not feeling all sloppy and rushed in my stroke but pretty long an strong. Very hard to sight on the long length that we did twice but I found a tall tree to sight off of behind the buoy so it worked out

Bike - saddle sores. Oh the saddle sores. Really I've been dealing with them since our baby was born 5 months ago, but they've flared up bad this week. I just couldn't sit comfortably which meant little power. I also think I got stung by a bee on the way back. Oh well. I did really want to see how well I'd do with the extra time I've been putting into the bike.
No I didn't ride like that the whole time but it may have been more comfortable
Run - hallelujah a great run! I've been discouraged by my run since having Ella. They've just felt weak and uncoordinated. This one though felt like a pre Ella run and I am so glad to feel it! 43:something and I'll take it!
Running in a new mystery Altra shoe, always fun being around prototypes
So I started 4th overall and ended 4th overall and I'm happy with that. There were some great ladies there and while I would've like to have seen what I could have really put out on the bike I'm pretty satisfied with my race. It is so much easier to race when only worrying about your own race and not the place.
Really looking forward to my big race on August 4th which I will preview in a soon to be written post

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Failsafe trialer said...

Well done. Great run time. Laughed at the description of your husband at the race.