Sunday, September 30, 2012

My first 50k!

It's been my goal this year to run a 50k.  I've run 4 marathons (and Ironman of course) on the road, and have raced 14 miles on trail twice along with a few shorter trail races, and have run almost 20 on trail while training.  I really feel like this 50k/31 miles is a good goal for right now.  I don't worry about not finishing, but it's enough new that gives me the satisfaction of accomplishing something I haven't yet.

I've been really happy with my training.  I really have only ridden my bike once (for a race) since the Utah Half the end of August, and have only swam a handful of times since then as well.  But I've ramped up my trail miles and have done some true up in the mountains climbing/power hiking runs, not my usual canal roads or flat-ish trail along the side of the mountain trail runs.  They've been amazing!  I really need to get photos posted for you.

My plan was a race called the Elk Run 50k in 2 weeks which goes up more than flat.  That's how I've trained.  Unfortunately the race isn't happening this year for some reason and I just found out last week.  So with only 1 other 50k in the state before the end of the year I finally talked myself into committing.  I was going to go to Michigan to see my sister but then finances didn't make that possible.  So I toyed with taking the kids down to St George with my husband while he works the St George Marathon expo.  They love hotels and it's nice when the company pays for it of course, but our 3rd grader who's in a gifted program in school is really being challenged this year and I was fearful of giving her any more work than she already has.  And yes, I really wanted to get this goal.  Of course I could just run the distance, but you all know it's just not the same.  Antelope isn't very hilly, but I'll take what I can get.

So Antelope Island 50k, here I come!  On Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  Figured I'd at least post this preview even though there's only 6 days to go, it's nice to have some hype leading up to a big race, and this sign up last minute - fly by the seat of my pants racing I've been doing since we started trying to get pregnant almost 2 years ago doesn't always give the satisfaction of the mental build up and excitement one should feel from big races.

To close this post I thought I'd paste in the waiver I signed to sign up for this race.  Trail/Ultra racing truly is a whole other breed of sport I am thrilled to be entering  :)
Ok, you know the drill.  This entry contains limitations of your legal rights, so read it. If you get hurt, it’s your fault, you shouldn’t have been here.  I know that there are hazards associated with running this race. These hazards can include, but are not limited to, bikers, hikers, horses, very large wild animals, roots, rocks, trees, other assorted wildlife, flora and fauna, and other crazed runners. Having read that last sentence, I am certifying that I understand these risks and I am properly trained to participate. By running this race I, and my estate, will hold harmless anybody or organization officially associated with the race. This includes Antelope Island State Park, the State of Utah, the Race Director and his minions, Buffalo Run Adventures, LLC, and any of our sponsors. I also agree to abide by the rules of the race and acknowledge that the Race Director’s word is final. I also agree that by running ultras, I know I’m nuts and should know better than to do something like this, but, hey, it’s fun and impresses the opposite sex. If you are under 18, you can run any race, with your parents and the race directors’ permission.


TwynMawrMom said...

Wow! Lovecthat waiver. Good for us amateurs to see :). So glad you are going to get your 50k! Go get it! We'll be waiting for the report!

April Celeste Garff said...

That waiver sure is something else...the lawyers had a good time with that one! I guess they were just checking to see who was actually still reading. Congrats on going and training for an ultra so soon after having a baby!!! Guess you'll have to try a 50-Miler next. Some of my friends called it a super double marathon instead of an ultra, and you better believe that's what it is. I think I'd rather have another baby than run another ultra, though it's such a cool accomplishment to have done. Once. :) Good luck---you're such an amazing runner that you'll probably win!

Stephanie said...

Yes sis, the waiver doesn't lie. You really are crazy :) But I admire you! Good luck and be careful!