Sunday, April 14, 2013

50 miles take 1 - Buffalo run

I went into this race so prepared physically and mentally too I believe. Yes there was a bit of unknown concern in my head but I was ready to just run and experience it and see how it went. I wasn't afraid or nervous. Excited to finally get racing underway for the year and see what 50 miles was like.
Matt W picked me up from our hotel and after hanging out in the van for a few minutes staying warm we went out and got started. My pack was all packed, drop bags set, had 3 time goal worth of splits recorded and tucked neatly in my pack. I wasn't scrambling at the start, it went smooth and I was ready. Ran with Matt and Josh and Sam for the first 13 miles or so in the quiet vast views that the west side of Antelope Island are. We got even more solitude when we passed the out and back first, electing to do it after the loop. We had a whole valley to ourselves. It was amazing!
Body felt great up till about 15 miles were I started feeling pain in my right quad where I had lightly felt it earlier in the week. I did all I could to curb it that week, massage, adjustments, laser, heat/ice and having not felt it at all until this point the thought if it hurting or being a problem wasn't even in my head. I was shocked when I felt it. I figured I could work through it though. I stopped and pulled my tights up and put some muscle cream on it. Continued on another 1/2 mile and it was really bad, the pain was a 9. Sharp burning pain that would peak and stay there by my 5th running step. I was limping running or walking. I stopped again and rubbed at it. 3 or 4 women passed me at this point, I had been right behind 1st place. Perfect. I walked for a few minutes, maybe that would cure it. Started running again trying all kinds of different paces, gates, turnover rates (cadence). Every time 5 steps in was the same fist clenching hollering out pain. DANG IT! This wasn't supposed to happen to me! I had trained so much, I eat well, I haven't been hurt in years, really since I broke my foot in a race in 2009. I'd felt nothing like this before a little nag earlier in the week. Had no fall, twist, nothing. I broke down a little pissed off this was happening but it was surprisingly short lived. I have only DNF'd once, BAM in 2009 when I broke my foot. Yet I kind of knew with 3 miles to go to get back to the start finish that it was over. Of course I didn't want to stop, I was there, ready, the day was in front of me! 50 mile races are hard to find here, only a couple every year. My head, heart, and spirit were there but I felt like I was going to do more damage, that this was a big deal, not a cramp, and that walking 30 miles was just not what I came to do and wouldn't do my leg any good. So after not recognizing my awesome friend Jen who came to pace me (I even asked if a friend next to her knew her number so i could call her) we spent the next hour together getting it looked at and massaged and taped by a therapist, run/walking another mile or two just trying to talk myself into what I knew was the right choice with a torn muscle, I was done. I hung around the rest of the day waiting to watch my husband come through at his 50k half way, missed it by minutes. Waited another 5 hours in chilly wind to watch him finish - missed it by 2 minutes. I'd been stalking his finish stretch all day and missed it by 2 minutes. The day was a huge disappointment. I had so very many awesome friends wish my luck on Facebook (since my blog is dead I guess), more than I expected and I felt like I let them down, cried wolf or something. But it was the right decision to an unforeseeable event and there will be more races. I had a great time running with those guys that morning and saw some simply spectacular scenery. I love the west side of the island. I've been patient and proactive these last 3 weeks and so far so good. As frustrating as this was, it's just a race. I'm grateful for my body, abilities, husband and kids and this beautiful earth I get to explore.

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Sara said...

SO sorry you had such a frustrating experience. I hope you are healing well.