Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Katchina Mosa 100k gear

They aren't stuff per say, but I really liked this picture my friend Jen took I just came upon 
Man I need to catch up.  This summer has been full of fun cool things.  But I want to finish the Katchina posts.  Here's all the stuff involved

I had 3 drop bags, used fabric string backpacks, and packed various 'stuff' in each, but put all the nutrition I knew had to come out for sure to replenish my pack, in a quart size zip lock bag.  I liked that, not fishing through clothing and other maybe gear to get to the stuff I had to have.   Also decided to pack any liquids like sunscreen in zip locks.  So here's the run down

New shorts from Ross, $12.  Pink, polka dots, roomy liner felt like I had nothing on.  Deal
White Altra shirt.  Don't normally wear sleeves to race and had an extra tank packed, but never decided to go with it, kind of liked having my shoulders covered from the sun and any pack chafing for a race that long though
New Moving Comfort Urban X-Over sports bra I got now that the girls are they're at their most deflated smallest, so cute, no chafing, had only worn it for 3 miles previously.  Awesome.
North Face hat.  Don't normally wear hats, haven't worn visors consistanly really because I don't like feeling the bad on my ear so went with a hat since it can't slide down.  I did buckle it against my chest under my pack a lot when I wanted sunglasses only which looked funny but worked better than pulling my pack on and off
Had sunglasses on the whole time, but don't remember what brand, nothing fancy.  I have been trying to wear sunglasses all the time though, I have bad squint/frown lines at too young an age
Wore these cool new SLStri pretty purple compression socks.  Usually wear CEP.  Really liked these new ones I'm testing.  No chafing, foot issues, leg issues and they're just really cute.  My calves never did get very tired.
Altra Lone Peak 1.5 trail shoes from the beginning to mile 54 I believe when I changed into my Torins hoping the extra cushion would help my throbbing feet.  It helped a little but I think it was just all the uneven big cobblestone style rock that worked my feet over.

Wore my Nathan Vaporshape pack the whole race.  Packed and considered my Ultraspire, but liked the side pockets of the Nathan to hold my 2 bags of pills.  No issues with the pack.  Like it a lot

ViFuel Gel.  Consumed about 16, 1 every 40 minutes with a Gu every couple hours in between.  They work great and I love them a lot.  Peach cobbler is the best flavor followed by vanilla in my opinion.  They are thin so go down well and have about 10mg of caffeine which is a great amount for steady energy and digestion.
Gu Rocktane or other caffeinated Gu.  I don't love Gu brand, it's thick and can be tricky with my stomach, but I can tolerate them in moderation.  I had 1 Gu every 2:00-2:40 for the caffeine.
EFS Liquid Shot, vanilla - felt like I might want a change and the added electrolytes so picked this up at Little Valley around mile 38 and had it until 54.
Coke - love coke.  In races, I hardly drink it out of races.  Filled my soft flask with it starting at Windy Pass which was almost half way at around 28 miles.  I'd drink a cup at aid stations and sip on my flask.  I like the stomach settling and caffeine.
Honestly didn't do a ton of solid food.  I had bars in my pack and has 2 Kashi chocolate coconut bars I guess, a couple Honey Stinger Waffles, ate a couple small cooked potatoes, some watermelon and a half a PB&J, but don't recall eating much food food.  I did and do well on gel.  I tried some Honey Stinger chews and they may have made me nauseous, it could have not been them though and just that time in the race.  I've never had issues with them before.

Metasalt electrolytes.  Probably consumed 18 pills?  Would take 1 on the hour every hour, sometimes more if needed and once or twice I opened one into my mouth for faster absorption.  Tastes horrible that way!
Sport Legs.  To combat lactic acid accumulation. True my lack of anaerobic pace doesn't yield lactic acid, but I still think they work.  Funny website.  Took about 18 also.  2 one hour before then 2 every 2 hours on the even hours.
Tissue Rejuvenator.  In an effort to keep inflammation down I've been taking these pills in big doses morning and night when my knees start complaining, but heard you can take them slowly during long runs/races.  I took 1 every other hour on the odd hours when I wasn't taking Sport Legs.
Ibuprofen.  Took 1 (200mg) around half way I think, and 2 (400mg) about 5 hours later, with about 3 hours to go in the race.
Packed Tums for cramping, Pepto pills for stomach issues and blister stuff and first aid but thankfully needed none

Used a spray sunscreen that was nice so I didn't have to get my hands sticky, used a sunscreen stick for my face and spf chapstick when times got tough :)

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