Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer time life post Bryce 100

I've had a nice lax time since Bryce. I wanted to take time unstructured to recover fully despite the fact that I felt great from the day after the race. Like way better than I thought I would. I attribute it to a conservative consistent pace the whole time. Faster harder efforts are harder on the body I think. I had many very sweet people, comments, and gifts given after the race. I so appreciate that!  Yes I do this crazy stuff all the time but Bryce was something special for me and I appreciated the extra acknowledgment and kindness. 

I got to go for my first post Bryce run with American record holder and Altra athlete Zach Bitter who was driving out to Western States and spent a night here. As in awe as I was of his level and accomplishments it was also neat to feel how down to earth and normal he - and most elites- are. It was only 3.5 trail miles but I felt great!

I've spent lots of time with my little crew enjoying their summer break. This was a fun bike trip with just the girls (we left brother at home with Dad) to our favorite shaved ice place. This stuff is amazing!

Went on my first longer run post Bryce again feeling great. This is a favorite 13-14 mile loop of mine at the top of Millcreek and Big Cottonwood Canyon. These guys are a blast
Living here does not stink, that's for sure. Love that trails like this are a 20 min drive

Decided last minute to do a local 5 mile road race 2 weeks post Bryce. Was fun to be able to run to the race all of 1/2 mile away as a warm up. Technically I ran there and back twice since the high school kids that we're helping with the race were surprisingly all in Altras!  They love them!  So I ran home after registering and before the race to grab a few of my husbands shoes for the most passionate high school runner to try during the race. Was so fun to watch his face light up when I handed the bag of unreleased shoes over to him for an hour :)
The hard fast pace definitely felt different than ultra lace but was fun to run with a long open stride. Wanted to run it under 35 and I finished in 33:18 with a win!  Came away with enough money to pay for the race entry so that was nice. 

Ran the loop a few more times and saw a moose on one of them finally.

My patriotic friend Zac and before a fun 4th of July eve run up Mt Timpanogus. A large group of us started at 9pm and finished the 14 mile, 4500ft run about 1:30am and hung out in the parking lot eating pot luck food. A great time. I had some weird knee pain at one point coming down but it went away. Hauled a redbull up there with me to test out. Don't know that it made me feel jumpy or way more alert and I certainly didn't get any wings, but it may have helped some. Did bother my stomach a little but that may have been just drinking all the chemically liquid.

Took my oldest daughter mountain biking. Should have done the route we did in reverse order so some of the uphills kicked her butt and it was really hot, but it was awesome to watch her do things and go over stuff and follow lines I didn't think she would, even things I didn't do.

My husband Jeremy and I had the chance to spend 30 miles and a night together backpacking in the Uinta mountains. Loved it!  People often ask if we run together and the answer is no. We've got 4 kids so one of us has to be here with them, and we just aren't the same pace. He gets stressed he's holding me back and I get impatient sometimes. But ironically we worked super well together at his Zion Traverse 50 miler earlier this year with me as his pacer and we backpack really well together. He has more wisdom than I do there, except in first aid, I usually treat those injuries :) but we just keep a good pace together that works well for both of us.
We would stop so he could fly fish every few hours and so I could devour everything in my pack. I love to eat. And sit on bridges and watch him and listen to nothing.

We also enjoyed a week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton as a family the week before Bryce. Such a wonderful trip!  It's been a good summer so far. 

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Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on your race win! I've hiked in Bryce and would love to run around there, too. Sounds like a great summer you're having!