Monday, March 16, 2015

Off season goodness

Life since Black Canyon has been busy. Crazy busy. But not with running. I took 2 solid weeks off running. Zero miles. Didn't mind, barely noticed with all that was going on with school. 2 weeks out a friend advertised a run and I hadn't been with her for a while and we had a free weekend. What I didn't consider was how 20 miles would feel after zero miles of running post furnace 100k. My legs did not feel good. I worried how this would effect recovery and getting going again but thankfully a short run a few days later and then every run since have felt great!  I think that 20 was just rough because everything wasn't as supple. 

Anyway, as much as I love to run and train and race, I've been fine this last month not doing much. It's nice to focus my attention on my family and school more. I had a free Saturday morning last week and we'd recently had some snow. I have been wanting to get up to the high country and be in the snow for months. Training for my 100k's didn't allow for that do this was a treat. No pace, no time, no structure worries. 
And it was SO Wonderful!!  I walked, hiked, and ran when I felt like it. Saw some beautiful sights, some so great I just stopped and smiled. Even laying in the snow once when a great song came on amidst one of those sunshine warming your face awesome views. I usually save music for the second half of races and not training, so put in some mellow but upbeat stuff just for fun, not to motivate me to push the pace. 

Took a million pics, played like an out of control child on the miles downhill. Oh it was great!  

I've taken more time to hike with my kids and feel like a kid the couple times a week I've gotten out. I feel refreshed. Yay for off seasons!

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