Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We might have a problem........Healing week 5

I think I'm gonna need one of these come next month when I reach that 8 week mark. I went to an awesome seminar last night at Salt Lake Running Company. Terri Schneider, a world class former professional triathlete spoke about mental training, and it was great! I need to sit and meditate and visualize more for the big races, and harness the power of the mind. It really is more powerful than I give it credit for. I've always known sport is mostly mental -why else would we go through the physical punishment?- but it is a tool I have under utilized. She callenged us to set two goals to "stretch for", so I'm thinking about that so I can be very specific in the route to achieve them.
Trihive was a sponsor of the seminar, as was USTrisports. I came away with some sweet swag from these guys! Greg from USTrisports was kind enough to give me a race tech tee from Rockcliff, I got a handfull of Raw Revolution bars (good stuff!), and.....drumroll please: An Amphipod! Holy cow! Now I already have a Nathan that I use and love, so I'm still in debates as to whether I'll keep this one or not.
Anyway, the night was great. Fun people to talk to, a very motivational speaker, and awesome swag. It left me ready to take off and run the second I get the ok!

Fast forward to today. I tried swimming for the first time without the pull buoy. Talk about a bring me back down to earth after my high last night...lame! It's hard to pinpoint how it exactly feels. There's no pain in my foot, the kick just feels totally off and awkard. That's so hard for me, I love to kick, it's my favorite part of the stroke. I think and hope it's just a weakness and flexibility issue in my ankle. The back of my ankle bothers me the most. Again, not pain, just akwardness. I hope things come back smoothly for me...
Looking forward to 4 days at Bear Lake this weekend. Hoping for some long rides and swims

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Megan said...

Nice swag scores. Sounds like a good seminar. I'll have to throw some visualization and meditation before the race Saturday. I'm sure I'll need it to calm my newbie nerves. I hope the swim gets better soon. I've done two open water swims this week and it's been great. I'm really enjoying the OWS thing, and I love my wetsuit. It's like magic!