Saturday, July 11, 2009

"One of these things is not like the other"......

"....One of these things just isn't the same"

I rode up to Echo Reservoir for the Echo Triathlon with my friend Jen today. No, I did not race in my boot (although I was asked that several times). I was going to volunteer, but had lots of friends up there racing and didn't want to be stuck in one spot. So I tortured myself yet again watching others race. I really do enjoy it, I was just itching out of my skin wanting to join them and race. There was some good competition up there!
A few observations from the race include watching a girl take 5 minutes in transition brushing and drying her hair. I know, I know, not everyone is like me and runs out as fast as they can, but seriously, this girl had me wondering.
I also saw this 80 year old man racing. It took a lot of effort just for this guy to get his shoes on and off, I just couldn't believe he was racing! I hope I'll still be kickin like that when I'm that age.
Speaking of shoes, I had forgotten about this since I raced Echo several years ago, but they have a whole 20 yards of a "shoe zone". There must have been 10 of these cones with signs on them showing people according to their race number where to put their shoes to wear from the swim to T1. Kind of like an additional transition area :)

I brought the wetsuit up with me not wanting to miss a chance to swim without walls to slow me down. Since I can't flip turn or push off well it's really annoying swimming in the pool. A new friend of mine Te Koi came down and swam with me. I chatted with him a little while he was volunteering earlier that day and didn't even notice that he too has a broken foot!
Notice the matching boots :)
Te Koi is a great swimmer and it was nice to have someone to venture out into the water with. The course was still set up, the water wasn't cold, and the lake was glassy, all which made for a perfect swim! Here we are afterwards showing off our broken feet :)
I've thrown myself some pity parties wondering why this happened and what I'm supposed to get out of it, and I'm becoming enlightened a little bit. I don't really ask why anymore, there's not point, but I do want to get something out of this. I am spending more time in the pool and weight room working on my arms and core. I've also met some really cool people in the last month. I'm so busy and self absorbed when I'm racing I dont really take time to talk to people. This sport is just full of great people! I've met some very talented athletes I hope to train with soon, a lot of people on the buisness side of events and gear, and just some really nice people I can say hi to at future races now.
I go in for new X-rays on wednesday and am hoping things look better. I'm not expecting to be healed, I just want it to look better than it did 4 weeks ago. I am optimistic. The swelling is almost gone completely, as is the bruising, and I'm able to walk around the house pain free 90% of the time in the boot. I'll still be in the boot for 3 weeks, 6 days more, but hopefully the X-rays will show us that I should be good and mended come August 8th, 8:32am - yes I know down to the day and minute when I'll run again :)

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