Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One of my greatest feats yet

Turned 4 years old today! My sweet boy Talmage had a birthday today. Just after I got off the stability ball at the gym this morning I got a Facebook update after my twin sister commented how 4 years ago I was sitting on a birth ball eating a powerbar waiting for my handsome man. Kind of ironic eh? Proof:

Yep, in labor, on a ball, eating real food, in a hospital. I'm not about to go through that much work without fuel! And speaking of hard work, which I'm accustomed to, this is a real hard work face. I remember how trying things were at this point, but I also love this picture. It just shows what labor it really is to bring children into the world, it shows the support of my husband, and it shows me strong.

In the end it is of course all worth it. I added one more to my cheering squad ;) and boy do I love him!
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!

P.S. Did I mention he was 10lbs?!

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Crystal said...

Oh my gosh, 10 lbs. Way to go you. What a sweet tribute to your little man. So fun, yet so sad to see them grow.