Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorry folks, but

Possibly to the surprise of many of your kind comments, I am not in fact Superman. I can't and don't only post my highs here, my lows have to come out too. And this weekend was one of them.
Friday's long run got cut in half when my dear children passed on the stomach bug they've had all week. Of course it didn't present itself in me until I was out on my long run.
Disappointing, but I'll make it up on Monday I presume.
Then there was today. I had a long ride scheduled and was excited to get outside. Haven't ridden outside here in the valley in 2-3 months, and only that 1 week in St George last month. I've been good about getting on the trainer, but boy it just doesn't prepare you for hills on the road. No raising of the front wheel, no standing, none of that really truly replicates hills accurately in my opinion. So while it was good to get out, I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature. While I appreciate the sunshine and blue skies so so much, I think it's pretty deceptive to show us such beauty and still give such cold temperatures.
I walked out the door expecting cold, and dressed well for it, but walked back into the house telling my husband I was not riding in that and that I'd throw it back on the trainer. He didn't listen to me. I headed out into a headwind, and it wasn't a fun one at times, but I pushed through it looking forward to a tailwind home. Turned around finally, and wouldn't you know it, so did the wind.
Grrr! I'm trying not to be too much of a whiner, but I really hate a headwind both ways. Anyway, too cold and slow to get all the ride in in the time I had so threw it back on the trainer for the last hour, but was still 30-45 minutes short probably.
I SO need people to ride with every long ride from here on out. A few I'm sure I'll do alone, but for the most part, if I can get the company I'll take it!
That is the hardest part of all this sometimes, is knowing that while I can put a couple of the weekly workouts together if I miss one, I can't push off these long rides and runs consistently. They need to get done now, when they're scheduled, and I want to get them done. Uhg, time to climb out of this discouragement hole and regroup for next week.

So it's true, I get beat down and weak sometimes both physically and mentally. I'm not Superman.....Or maybe I just need a nap :)


Jarvis Family said...

Hey, I am glad to hear you are human. I was beginning to wonder... But I am not glad your weekend was not very successful in terms of training. I know how it is and it is not fun but it will be ok. Really. I think that is the most stressful part of Ironman: missing important training sessions. But you will still do great, I know it.

Megan said...

Hang in there Les! I can't even imagine how hard it would be to train through the winter like this.

If you don't mind riding my slowpoke pace, then I might be able to ride with you on the 12th. Maybe Bill could come too. I probably wouldn't be able to ride as far as you need to go though. I'm doing 50 miles next weekend, so we'll see if I survive that. Anyway, I'll talk to Bill and see if we can work a ride with you into our schedule. I'm sure he'd love to ride with a pro like you! I'll "talk" to you about it over on the Runners Thread.

Jameson King said...

I agree with everyone else - I'm surprised you are not superman.

I don't know if I can keep up either, but I am willing to do some riding with you. Let's coordinate sometime.

Crystal said...

Keep up the good work. Even though you are not super man, you are doing so awesome work. I would offer to ride with you, but I am no where near your miles and speed. If you need a slow riding partner to do laps around, let me know I could be your girl.

Jill said...

Leslie, that's what a blog is: to share your ups and downs so that you can vent, get support, and get your butt back out there and tear it all up again!! Mother Nature wasn't very nice to us in Denver in January either.. but here's to a month closer to warmth and you'll soon be cranking out some awesome miles on your bike soon, cuz that's what you do!! Hope the wee-one's better. You're so amazing!!!!!