Saturday, May 22, 2010

KIDA Relay

KIDA Relay -great race for a great cause. Benefiting Kids on the Move, an organization helping kids with disabilities with their mobility. And what a fun race! Think Ragnar for triathletes! I was on a PowerTri team with Jameson King, Ian Nelson, and Sarah Jarvis. Awesome (and fast) people. We rotated through riding a 25 mile loop around West Mountain in southern Utah county from 8am-8pm. The boys put in 3 loops and Sarah and I put in 2. But man, that was some good tempo work! We all rode those loops hard, great practice for Oly tris. The winds picked up toward the evening making all of our last bike loops a bit challenging. I did however get to enjoy a nice tailwind on the back side of the mountain for about 10 miles. I was also pleased to drop a few minutes off my time the second, and more windy loop.Then came the run. Wow, I didn't realize how worn out I was. Finished my first 6 mile out and back in like 45 something, and crashed in the PowerTri trailer we were now calling home as the winds were howling and the rain was headed in. We all made it through 1 leg each of the run before the race had to be suspended and then called because of heavy winds and rain.
Ian, Jameson, and I and our home away from home

It was disappointing not to be able to finish the entire 24 hours (we got 16 at least), but the weather will do as it pleases I guess. Slept like a baby on the wood floor of the trailer, then we all packed up and headed out early Saturday morning. Had a great bbq later that week where our winning mixed team won $350 and some cool swag. The two teams ahead of us were all male teams. First finished in 187 points, second in 183, and we finished 3rd overall in 179 - NICE!
A pic of my team members exchanging our wristband

I rushed through the report, but man what a fun race. Anyone that can bike 25 miles and run 6 (with rest in between too) should totally put a team together for next year. It was so nice to be able to lay down in the hammock, or lounge in a camp chair, listen to the motivational speakers they had, eat the yummy snacks and dinner provided for us, and just hang out with everyone. Seemed to beat traveling in a van in my opinion. Such a fun race!

You can view a longer report I wrote, and more pics on the PowerTri blog here.

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