Friday, May 28, 2010


Public 'Spectator' Announcement

I do not write this with any malice or to make anyone upset, quite the contrary. I worry that some of my awesome spectators think I don't notice them there or appreciate them or whatnot, so this is my response.

I LOVE spectators. How awesome that they decided to get up so early just to stand around and watch me pass by quickly. Thank You! I love to hear your cheers for me and others out there. That said, please don't get upset if I don't run right over and hug the middle of the race :) Ok, so that is exaggerating, but if I don't whip my head around to find out who cheered at that exact moment, if I pass you without seeing you or cheering back, please forgive me.
I'm trying to keep my balance coming out of cold water while removing a tight wet body squeezing wetsuit and locating my bike out of hundreds, then focusing on not crashing said bike into said spectators, and finally I may not notice you while I'm in my zone pushing 7 minute miles to finish a race up strong all while holding down the contents of my stomach.

I love to hear you cheer, I love it when you take pictures, I love to hug or high five you after. Just please don't be upset if I don't notice you every time during the race, and don't run over immediately after. I'll get there. And while I'm sure it's been a long day for you out spectating (MOST especially if you've had my 3 dear children in tow), it's been a long day for me too, so forgive me if I'm not super chippy or if I look tired. I'm so glad to have people who love and support me both in person and online, chat with me before and after races, and cheer for me even if they don't know me. I always try to smile and say 'thank you' to supporters, volunteers, and other athletes. So please don't worry that I didn't see or hear you - I did and I smiled both inside and out :)

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KodaFit said...

Nicely put! Spectators ROCK!!!