Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick update

Still have no idea what 2011 or 2012 hold but just wanted to update that I am getting to feeling better, but not 100%.  Strong athlete or not, the last week was really rough both physically and emotionally and I've had to take it easy and listen to my body (not as an athlete, as a regular human).  I haven't worked out since, uh, Thursday Dec 9th, not that I really care, and may or may not this week.  I think a couple more days and I'll be able to do something at a modest pace.  I've just tried to give my body a chance to heal as it's thrown a couple fits this week when I tried to do too much day to day stuff.  It's like my body is one of those parole ankle bracelets not letting me get away with leaving the house... till today that is, must be off parole now.  I'd like to get back into the pool so I can swim the Master's New Year's workout.  I've never had a chance the last couple years, always timing conflicts.  The workout is 211x50's, yeah that sounds like a lot.  At least they're 50's, but it's nice to have some feel for the water before jumping into that, but I can't exactly get in yet if you get my drift.  If that doesn't work out maybe I'll consider the half marathon fun run my friend Jonathan is organizing.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words and thoughts and emails and texts etc many of you have offered, I really really appreciate it.  While the life I lost was a very little one, it's impact was and is a lot.  I hope to get back to training in the next couple weeks just to work things out in my mind. I think most of us do such soul searching and pondering and head clearing while working out.  I need some of that...and some endorphins, those are nice too  :)

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