Sunday, February 13, 2011

SLTC 10k

So the SLTC Winter Series 10k was yesterday.  I was crossing my fingers for a better race than than 5k 2 weeks ago, that  wasn't pretty.  And I was pretty sure I'd get it since I wasn't sick the week prior or during it and the air was much cleaner.  The family came this time which is always fun, just means we were a little later than I'd like. Showed up 20 minutes before the race start, ran in to get my bib, ran about 8 minutes of warm up, grabbed some gel and lined up.
Love this pic of my friend Chuck and I, no idea what I'm telling him here. 
The race is at Saltair, an old (and current I guess) part/rave/concert building thing out on the Great Salt Lake.  The kids went down the beach to play after the start.  Thank heavens they stayed out of the really yucky mud
A pic I'm happy with - yay!  This was only 2 miles into the race so my face looks normal. I'd post the mile 4 and mile 6 as my form still looks good, but my face looks more strained  :)

I love this pic.  You can't really see me (look for the pink socks in front), but I love that the kids were all watching for their mama.  Love to have them there.
Love my post race hugs.  We didn't get a pic, but our almost 3 year old Kait greeted me in the trailer with this huge grin and her pretty blue eyes.  Love it

So overall this race went much better than 2 weeks ago.  I've been healthy and putting in some good training and just felt steady and strong.  I ran with Chuck most of the race which was nice, nice to have someone to pace with.  There were a few points where I had to keep pushing, but for the most part it wasn't too bad.  We talked a lot of the way which probably means I could have gone faster, but oh well, just wanted to run strong.  Beat 2 weeks ago's 5k time at the half way point in the 10k which was good.  I felt good and strong the last half mile so pulled away from the boys behind me and just opened up the stride and enjoyed every second of it.  Ohhh so nice to feel that way instead of begging for the finish line to come to me!  Wanted to get under 44:00 (it's a completely flat course, so now downhill advantage), saw the clock at about 43:47 and ran for it, but finished in 44:02 and that's fine by me.

Don't know how I did in my age group, didn't stay for awards, think I was 7th again overall in what I think was a bit more competitive field than the 5k.  Rode 20 miles home with another friend Jared.  Felt great, well the first 5 miles anyway, then the next 10 took us 30 minutes and were all uphill with a head wind.  A nice friendly reminder that I just ran a strong 10k.  Good to be out though and nice to see spring on it's way!


Jarvis Family said...

Nice work, Leslie! Great race and I am so glad you are feeling well and strong!

Tri and Run Couple said...

Didn't you just love that race! I tell ya, sometimes the weather is fantastic and other times it's a blizzard. Spring is on the way! Yahoo!

See you in 2 weeks.