Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to Sunny St George!

I had the opportunity to come down to St George for a bit to train with my good friend Sarah Jarvis, just like I did last year around this time (March of 2010 if you want to see the posts)

. She's coming from Flagstaff Arizona now, so I don't see her much which makes this trip even better. We're staying at our great friend Sylvia's beautiful home about 5 miles north of St George in Winchester Hills. It's perfect. We have our own little mother in law apartment so plenty of space, but we still get to see their fun family.

So rolled into town Friday night after a fun drive down with Mahogani Thurston and Missy Payne. Saturday morning we woke up ready to ride, all day long! This is also what we woke up to
Rain rain go away come again any other day!
So the plan got changed to a run on the Ironman St George run course. I wasn't thrilled to be out in the 40's and at times pouring rain, but luckily it only sprinkled while we were running and I wasn't cold. So Sarah and I and another great athlete

Anne Heiner ran in a group and man, I wasn't sure I could hang on. These girls were running 7:15's from the get go. I didn't want to get dropped so I just pushed out of my comfort zone for that early in a run and luckily by mile 4 or 5 I was feeling good. It was fun to be back on the course, very familiar at times, humbling at times, and fun to answer their questions about the course. So any of you familiar with the course know that it's full of hills, no more than maybe 1/2 mile of flat, big hills too. We ended up running our 13 miles in 1:42, holy smokes! Now that's not a half mary PR or anything, but that's hauling for that course, so while I wasn't sure if i could hang on early on, it was nice to finish strong and feel good. Anne went on to run like a crazy woman for 2 or 3 more miles, that girl is FAST and a workhorse!

So with crappy weather still around, Sarah and I went to our new friend Collen's house to ride on the trainers. She has a whole big room as a dedicated gym, I'm so jealous! We rode for about two hours and I was about ready to be done, bored more than anything. It was a good time though.
Me, Colleen, Brianna, Sarah
We stayed up late watching movies, went to Church this morning after waking to Sunny St George

So much for the sunny part :) We got about 3 more inches in the next few hours.  Big days to come in the next few days though, will blog more when I get home Wednesday. Train happy and safe!

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