Thursday, April 14, 2011

I need your help

So my husband left on Saturday for a shoe store visiting/selling road trip eventually stopping in Boston for the Boston Marathon Expo with Altra and won't be back till next week.  Now I've kept my sanity fairly well so far, gotten a bit of housework done, fed the kids at least twice a day, you know, relative success ;), and made it to work on time thanks to Grandma's and neighbors.  But I haven't gotten much training in.  So what does one do when their other half isn't here to allow workouts?  You taper!  :)

Yep, signed up for the Salt Lake City Marathon that's in 2 days  :)  I've been picking my long runs up since I recovered from our December loss (that was for sanity sake), and wanted something resembling epic since Ironman isn't in the books for this year.  Anyway, here's where your help comes in.  I don't race with music, never have.  Don't want to get sucked into it and away from the atmosphere and it's illegal in triathlon, so why get hooked on it and then have withdrawals during races?  But do I love to workout with music?  YES!  Well, road races such as a marathon don't ban music, and a marathon is a long way to run.  And while I'm probably somewhat sufficiently trained (undertrained, but that's always better than over), me thinks it's still gonna hurt pretty good those last 6-10 miles and as I'm sure you've figured out, I'm a competitive person and still want to do well; I am not going out just to loaf 26.2 miles (that just doesn't sound fun...but apparently pain does :)  So I wouldn't put the earbuds in till at least the half way point and it would be a fun distraction from the pain and probably help my pace, but am I then going to always need music to beat that time if it's a PR?  Do the survey on my sidebar and tell me what you think.  Thanks!!

Oh and stay tuned for a good multi winner giveaway of one of my favorite most heavily used products coming on Friday if I can get around to it  :)


Kathy said...

I use music when I run because it makes it more fun, so I voted that you should use it. I like the idea of not turning it on until the halfway point. You could use it as a little pick-me-up. Good luck on Saturday!

KodaFit said...

Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn't... Leave yourself the option and when the pain comes, see if it helps.

I've had races where it has really helped, and other times when it's just another annoyance keeping me from focusing on the finish line.

Either way, GOOD LUCK!

Colleen said...

I've not raced much with my IPod. I tried for the first time in January for the SG Half and HATED it! So distracting. I felt like I was fiddling with the thing the entire time. I tried it again for the LA Marathon (because I was all by myself and figured I would need something) and actually enjoyed it. I only put one ear bud in so as to enjoy everything the course had to offer. I also created a playlist that was around the same time that I thought my finish time would be. I knew if I hit the end of the music......I was in trouble :) Go for it, but bail and stuff the ear buds in your bra if it just isn't working.

Janice {Run Far} said...

You're funny.. listen to your music whenever and don't fret. I giggle at your post cuz your "under trained" is my trained. My sisters and I are running. It's my twins first full.... so excited. Her goal is 4:20... so I'm sure you will be home, showered and rested by the time we finish. teehee

Chuck said...

"Obligatory Other"

Running with music can give you a little bit of adrenalin. It can also mess with your pacing if you tend to run to the beat of music like I do.

It is definitely nice to drown out all the ambient noise with some tunes.

You could always go with a nice book on CD or something? 7 Habits of Highly Effective Athletes? ;-)

Jan said...

No!! To me its like listening to talk radio during a rock concert. Enjoy the noise of the race. Besides if your listening to music you won't be able to hear people say look that's THE Leslie Howlett. Good Luck

Leslie said...

Thanks for all the comments and votes guys! Some funny stuff there too. You'll notice I didn't put my goal time so you all can't make fun of me if I don't get it :)

Jan - interesting analogy. I'm definitely of the feeling of I'd like to soak in the atmosphere, I just hope there is actually music or cheering along most of the way. I haven't run in a race in the last couple years that had a lot of music along the way. Would really like to do a rock n'roll sometime.
And I doubt they'll be saying anything about THE Leslie Howlett except "I thought she was faster than that" :)

It should be a fun time none the less

Sara said...

Congratulations on completing another race--marathons are amazing no matter what. I would've voted for music, because I feel like I can differentiate between training, road races, and triathlons in what I need for motivation.

As a side note, my husband took one look at me reading your website, and said, "Ironman St. George, No, I'm not going to let you do it." Which is very very laughable right now for me--up through the next two or more years. ;)

jannet watson said...
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