Thursday, April 21, 2011

I REALLY want to do this race!!

In my 12 years of triathlon I never knew such a race existed, and I am so intrigued by it.  1.5 miles of swimming, 25 miles on the bike, 13 miles of running (trail running!) broken up into 10 segments.  You have to carry your swimming stuff while you run, and your running shoes with you in your suit or a dry bag around your waist while you swim, love it!

The race is in Michigan, and just so happens my twin sister lives in Michigan and I've only been out to see her once, and haven't taken my kids at all.  I am very much tempted to go out and see her and sneak this race in as well.  Check it out!

They also give away two slots to this SOS race in New York.  I think it's a championship race of this kind of race.  Some serious climbing on the bike and run and sounds like just crystal clear mountain lakes.  Here are a couple former participants race reports from SOS, here, here Watch out husband, I may have found a new fetish to add to the plate  :)

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