Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few unseen race pics

Appears I forgot a few pics from Rockport  :)  Notice anything out of the ordinary?

No, not my scrunched up face...look more, central
Breathing a little extra oxygen in for a reason

Did you figure it out?  I know the first pic isn't super obvious, but it's different to me, and in person.
I'm pregnant!  So far so good, still some worry.  No plans in the next couple months to race (but then I never plan my races as of late), just lots of praying and finger crossing.  I knew what I was doing during Daybreak and Women Rock, and had a lot of fun.  Now it's time to work on growing another human. 
I'll still be around though, don't you worry  :)


Diamond said...

Fingers crossed, and sticky baby dust for you! Take care of yourself.

Swim Bike Mom said...

Really enjoying your blog - good luck with the pregnancy!!!!

Tri and Run Couple said...

Congrats! Triathlon will always be there but making babies won't so enjoy the miracle.

The Groshon's said...

I saw your blog link on BBC! I know Michelle and Justin from when we lived in Utah, looks like you are as crazy as they are ;)


Ann said...

Cute belly Leslie! CONGRATS!