Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some pregnancy updates

Well, so far so good!  We're 14 weeks now (2nd trimester I guess huh?), have heard a heartbeat twice, just picked up a doppler to borrow from a friend so I'm sure we'll hear many more, and saw baby on a quick ultrasound a couple weeks ago.  I've been feeling good, times of nausea, but have only thrown up once, but yes, it has come time to pull out the heavier duty sports bras :)  That's a good thing though, I appreciate have some kind of indication that things are ok.  Oh yeah, there's the belly too.  Holy cow it's popped out big time!  This whole last 4-5 weeks it's been obvious (at least if I'm in spandex) and that's way early for me.  I know it's my 4th baby, but yes I suspected twins (I'm a twin), but we only saw one on the ultrasound, so that's what I'm going by....for now  :)  
Anyway, all those things are good.  I've stayed pretty active, getting a little more active now that I'm starting to crawl out of the pit that is constant worry and anxiety after 5 miscarriages.  These last 10 weeks have really been brutal.  After so many miscarriages it's just been so hard, and you can't feel the baby move, so there's not much to go off of.  That should come in a month or so and will be great.

So I entered this fit2Bmom model search contest.  I know, I know, me a model?  Don't laugh!  It sounded fun and they make great maternity activewear which I could really use since I'm almost out of my current tanks and jerseys and shorts and that means I head into the husband's closet (which has evolved a lot since our last baby and has many fancier fabrics than I do) but equals a shirt that fits my belly but hangs off my chest and arms.  I'm assuming this will be out last baby, but still, I'd really like some cute stuff that is meant for a big belly.  Now yes, I'll be my biggest Nov-Feb, but I teach on a hot humid pool deck, and hey, there's always arm warmers and gloves for outside  :)
So here's my entry video for it.  I wasn't selected, but was recognized as a top 4 video (including the winner) which is great considering I don't have a huge belly right now, and they're sending me a goody bag with clothes - SO EXCITED!!  I'll fill you in for sure on how great the stuff is.  In the mean time, don't laugh at me, I don't talk well under pressure even if it is just me and the camera.  Am I the only one that squirms a little when watching themselves?  And I even made the whole video all by myself with voice-overing which is a big thing for non tech savvy me (Jer of course did take the pics and video though)
But here's some updated bump pics for you  :)

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