Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"I work out"

Ok, I've been trying hold back posting this video because some might frown on it or call it too much, but I think it's hilarious and I love the beat of the song!  I also LOL at the video because it's just funny.  It's not trying to objectify women (doesn't actually really have women dancing much at all), doesn't involve smoking, drugs, or drinking (except they're at a bar in one scene), it's just these guys putting on a hilarious show and making fun of themselves.  Anyway, blame it on my swimming background, but I grew up a speedo girl and still don't have a problem with them on a good swimmer body (actually think they look better than Jammers on swimmer bodies), but these aren't quite the swimmer speedos we're all used to, so you've been warned.  No thongs, just....um...looser fabric?  The most uncomfortable part is probably for 10 or so seconds at 1:00 and 2:12-2:30.  If you're easily offended just listen to the song and skip the video, or the song all together.
Shame me if you will  :)

LOL, I just laugh every time.  Don't know how sexy I'm feeling these days, although yes I recognize I have still retained some tone and grow out front and not all over, but man, when your kids refer to you as 'big belly' or your husband laughs in shock when you walk by in a spandex workout tank top, or I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror at certain angles, yeah, it's a little unusual.  Although I will say my tops have never looked better up top from a cleavage point of view  ;)

And I have been working out.  Did a great weights aerobics class tonight, am enjoying spinning ok (although sometimes I just want to do my own workout, may throw my bike on the trainer just to see if I can even fit at all, I just don't want my body and muscles to forget the positioning), and love the water.  I even did the masters swim workout New Years Eve which was 112x50's, 5600 yards.  Really wanted to say I did that since I was bummed I wouldn't be doing the Beat the New Year 5k I've wanted to since the beginning of this pregnancy.  But hey if you look at it from a yards standpoint, 3.1 miles is 5456 yards, so I guess I did do that 5k, just in the water  :)  Happy New Year to you all!

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Jill said...

Oh my gosh, that video is so funny. Coming from you makes it even funnier :).

I admire your tenacity to keep moving - and strong at that - while you have to be pretty tired from carrying that baby! I get in the pool and I give up after a mile and it's sheer torture to keep myself moving in the pool. I find it so monotonous. Bleh. Keep it up, girl! :)