Friday, February 22, 2013

One year ago - running and racing

A little late on this one as my sweet Ella's 1st birthday was a week ago today but oh well. As might be obvious, I love to run. I wasn't running much between getting engaged and having my first baby, but ran until about 28 weeks with my 2nd baby before going on bed rest then ran all through our 3rd baby's pregnancy, doing a 5k at 37 weeks. Because I'd been doing even more running as an athlete by this point I really wanted to run all the way through this 4th baby's pregnancy both for health reasons but also for my own internal satisfaction of being able to say that I did, that I'd done even better than before.
Well come about 20 weeks was this awful pubic symphysis pain. Basically a great ache or pain that feels like your pelvis is coming apart in front where it is connected by strong connective tissue down low. By 28 weeks I believe I just could handle it no longer. I couldn't go 10 steps running/waddling. It hurt too much and just wasn't worth any long term damage. So I called it good with a half pregnant half marathon trail race that was organized for me that I unfortunately only did half of. I was bummed a bit but didn't let it get me. I stayed way active with spinning, weights and swimming.
After her birth it was a rough comeback to running, harder than after my other babies. Could have been I was older, on my 4th full term pregnancy, that I have giant babies, or a combination of all of them.  I do not believe it has anything to do with my staying active during my pregnancy.
So I mean I was running faster and farther than most people probably, but for me it was slow. I remember trying to run slow for the first time at 2 weeks out on a track and that darn pubic symphysis pain just killed me. I didn't make it one minute, probably not even 20 seconds. So I started walking only. The first day I think I walked a mile and felt it the next day in my core and pelvis. I gradually increased my walking distance up to 3-4 miles then gradually sprinkling in 1/4-1/2 mile running (slow) segments. My legs and lungs were fine, it was my pelvis and lower abs that took forever to strengthen again. I ran a half marathon at 10 weeks out and definitely felt that low core by mile 8. It was rough, definitely my postpartum limit.  Even in October, 8 months out during my 50k I felt the strain there by 20 miles in. Yeah I can run far and fast according to some standards but it's been a challenge. I'm actually going to ask for your help with it in my next post.  However the challenges, running is a release for me, it's me time. I love to explore the trails and mountains on my own 2 feet but even runs from the house are just a chance to be out, see the sky, and think or occasionally enjoy music not exactly suited for the minivan ;)

Racing wise I did an open water sprint tri at 5 weeks, 9 weeks, 14 weeks (in a much too large wetsuit to accommodate my belly), and a pool tri at 20 weeks. I had friends question me maybe thinking it not a good choice but I did it because I love it and its fun! Pregnant women are allowed fun. It was fun to swim bike and run and fun to see friends and fun to push my body to safe limits I knew my body and baby could handle. Athletes tend to know their bodies well and this was my 4th baby. I had a great time!

9 weeks.  2nd OV at Women Rock Tri

14 weeks, last open water tri - Saratoga, 4th OV

Just tanning my baby white belly.  One of my last successful runs

Even if I couldn't run, at least I could wear my super cute tops to spin or lift or teach.
I felt SO cute and confident in them!
Rusching(sp?) for maternity wear?  Best.  Thing.  Ever.

Last real race with baby #4 inside and baby #3 happily on my lap

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