Monday, February 11, 2013

One year ago - swimming

I should be in bed, been trying to be better about that, but I wanted to do 1 post each day this week reflecting on this week last year.  You see my baby girl turns 1 on Friday and I can't believe it!  I loved being pregnant with her (and all my babies) and loved my belly and was proud of my activity level, so just want to look back a little.
I've swam 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  That's good for me, really.  I hadn't swam before that for probably almost 3 months?  Really didn't keep track.  Have just been doing so much running and not planning any tri racing that I figured why?  Then I swam again and remembered, I do enjoy it!
I loved swimming while pregnant.  No where else did I feel quite as normal athletically than in the water (probably why I had 2 water births, LOVE them!  Email me for any help/advice).  Loved the weightlessness.  That big belly was heavy to carry!  I was self conscious at first when I had to go to a 2 piece suit, wearing a towel out on deck, but then I didn't care anymore.  I loved watching people's reactions.  They'd see me from the back or even front sometimes, and then from the side  :)  I'd just smile.  I look at pictures now and yes my belly was an awkward sight, especially at the end, but I rocked it  ;)
I was out being active and that's what counts!  I wasn't showing the world my belly to scare/scar or chase away people to get my own lane, it's all I could wear!  I didn't really have any issue with tempo slowing much, could do all the strokes fine but didn't do much butterfly or kickboard the last 5 weeks because it hurt my lower back, but I do recall swimming squares  :)  In our bubbled 50 meter pool they set it up short course, half with lane lines, the other half without.  Not the flip turn itself, but the push off hurt my low belly, stretching the ligaments trying to hold my big baby and belly in place.  Swimming squares was perfect though!  Only a push off once every hundred or two, just to change direction if I wanted.
Today I didn't need to though, but I thought of it fondly.  I swam up till 40 weeks 2 days I do believe, 3 days before she was born.  Swimming also felt great around that 6 week mark after when I was ready to get back in, nice to not have the jarring of my weak core muscles gravity can provide during running.  Good times I tell you, good times!

I like to look at this progression of my belly.  It's surely not all my swimming belly shots, but a decent bunch.
I went from my regular once piece suit, excited to grow out of it, to a much larger one piece suit (not pictured),
10 sizes larger I believe, 28 to 38, to a matching 2 piece suit (below), to a mismatched 2 piece suit at the end
just to accommodate my remarkable 10lb human growing body.
I do cringe a little looking at just how out there and strange my belly looked sometimes,
but I sure was proud of it and grateful for it and my healthy body!

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