Sunday, August 11, 2013

Katchina Mosa 100k photo tour

3am and up the road 2 miles we go before getting on to the dirt road we'd run for the next 16 miles until getting into Rock Canyon. It was a quiet but friendly time around other racers before we eventually would end up spending most of our days alone on this long course 

Race Director John Bozung driving up to check on us

 Yes this doesn't look like much but see that tiny white light off in the distance?  It was aid station 1 and was neat to see from a distance and run to

Ahh, finally light. Running down the road around mile 14 with new friends Stephanie the geologist from Texas and Dan my new vascular surgeon friend whom I'd spend a lot of the day with

My first race potatoe, well, the last bite I held just for this pic. No I wasn't as crazy as I look at that point. Heading up on trail now toward Lightning ridge 

 Ran through lots of meadows yesterday, this one was below Lightning Ridge

I LOVE being high up in the mountains!

The top of Lightning Ridge, probably my favorite scenery pic of the day. 4.5 hours in, so beautiful

Rock Canyon and Utah County below

Dropping down toward Big Springs. This stuff beats the pants off road running any day

Where I'd be headed to run the top of in a while. This was after big springs headed toward slate canyon with Windy pass up here somewhere. That was a long climby section

Finally to the next aid station at Windy Pass with my coke. Sweet sweet coke. Waited till then to get my soft flask out to put coke in, knew I'd drink a lot for a little caffeine and to settle my stomach, so put it off as long as I could. 

Climbing to the high point after Windy Pass

Plenty of mountains below. On top of Windy looking north I believe. Timp is on the very left of this pic

Halfway point mileage wise, 31 miles on a ridge between Windy and Little Valley looking east. Was feeling great then

And then it got hot, really hot heading into Little Valley. I'm drinking a trickle of a spring coming out of this pipe

Finally rounding the corner to see my family at Little Valley. I had a great burst of speed for the last 3 miles or so, anxious to get to the aid station and my family. 

SO excited to see them, couldn't wait to hug them all!

Excuse the butt shot but look at little Ella's arms outstretched!

My sweet baby. Love her hugs

Had to do a short 1.3 mile out and back here. Was nice to hand my pack to my husband and run a little lighter while he restocked it

This was a main aid station for me. Jer helped me switch insoles in my shoes for some new cushion, 
I wiped everything off with a nice wet washcloth and reapplied sunscreen everywhere. Added new nutrition to my pack and ate a little while I was there. My kids were so sweet and helpful. 
They say you should never sit down at an aid station but I was so happy to see my family I took the extra time, probably too much but it was a great break!

Stopped taking many pics after Little Valley. Things were getting harder now and I needed more focus on keeping moving. This was the cattle trough bathtub after the bathtub aid station. I was envisioning a pretty claw foot tub, but this would do

My faithful friend Zac who came to run the last eternity...I mean 9 miles with me. Thanks Zac!

An eternity, I told you.  My body revolted a little and I made a few unproductive runs in to the bushes.  

And finally, finally the finish line came!  I love this picture so much that my friend Jen took

Mostly to be funny, I sat down right on the finish line the second I finished. Although my feet appreciated it, my legs felt great actually. I love this picture too because of the hugs it shows I got swarmed with. My kids have started complaining about coming to races, and that's ok, I do a lot of races alone as to not drag them along, but they were SO sweet to me at the aid station and the finish line!  Really made my day!

My ultimate support!  He is such a great guy, a great husband, father, and friend

I came home to an awesome dirt/tan line from the protective knee taping I had done,
and this super sweet sign an anonymous neighbor posted on our door.  We live in a great place!

A long, tiring, feet so sore day. But I did it and it was beautiful and epic and I am proud!


L said...

I have no clue how you do it! You are super human! Looks like it was a beautiful run though!! Congratulations!!!

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