Friday, August 9, 2013

My first 100k tomorrow!

I know, late notice, I have been toying with this race all summer but just committed this week. The race is called Katchina Mosa 100k Mountain Challenge Run. It takes place in the mountains between Hobblecreek Canyon in Springville and almost Provo Canyon in Orem. It has 13,000 ft of climbing, can be hot and exposed, and is one of the hardest courses in the country. It starts at 3am and my goal is to finish between 6 and 7pm, in the 16 hour range, for a cooperative body, and to not feel totally horrible at any point during the race. Yes I'm likely to bonk at some point, at least once, but the race is long enough to give me time to unbonk. Just have to exercise patience tomorrow. Yes I know how crazy this sounds. Happy trails!

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