Thursday, January 1, 2015


Wanted to do a quick year in review post.  I have no idea how many miles I've run, elevation feet I've gained/lost, I run pretty low key, rarely wearing a watch.  But I did have a great year with a lot of fun and really great accomplishments.

Feb - ran Moab 55k in 11th place.  Big confidence booster to place ahead of a well known name too.
March - Antelope Island 50k.  2nd place, 5:15 or something like that.  Ran super conservative first half, enjoyed a faster second half, great training, great friends.
April - Lake Sonoma 50!  8th place!  My first big deal race and I met my goal of top 10.  Another huge confidence boost to have a cool paragraph written about me on iRunFar, something about being the "breakout race" for the women.  Also was recognized by iRunFar writer Megan on the plane ride over.  Hadn't been recognized like that before.
May - went under the course record with friend and winner Britta Trep at the Timp Trail Marathon.  Ran a WAY faster time than I expected.  My first time under a course record I think.  Also ran my husband's first 50 miles with him across Zion.  Was great to support him and be with him the whole way.
June - Won and set the course record at my first 100, the Bryce 100!!  Had a really rough night sleep wise but held on sans pacer.
July - open water sprint triathlon for fun, 2nd place.  Slogged through Speedgoat 50k with a reasonable finish considering I got in a few days before the race.  12th place, could have been top 10 if I hadn't pooped out the last 6.  Speedgoat is a beast.
September -  survived another solo 100 miler (well I did have rockstar pacers for 8 miles, but did the other 99 on my own) with a 4th place finish at Run Rabbit Run 100.  Proud of the money I was able to earn and finishing, but left me hungry still.  Enjoyed a great Altra Elite Athlete Summit.
October - jumped into a road marathon and ran a 3:19, 3rd place.  I'll take it.  Got to participate in an Altra photo/video shoot.
November - raced a little local reverse order pool tri, Telos Turkey Tri.  Ran the fastest run split, under 20:00.  Survived in 1st longer on the bike than I expected, and hung on for 2nd in the swim, finishing closer to 1st than I thought.
December - recognized as a top 50 ultra running woman in the world!
I've been training strong and happy and recovering so well!  I can't wait to kick off 2015 with Bandera 100k next week and have another breakthrough race!

Can't forget all the great group runs I went on too, I'm thankful for many good friends!
In real life my husband and I took our kids to Disneyland on their first plane ride in January, and took an awesome trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton this summer.  We also enjoyed a whole week of almost completely uninterrupted family time as just our little family of 6 during this holiday season.
I had the privilege of acting as doula for and helping 3 women have beautiful babies, and I started nursing school in August.  Whew!
Also thankful for great sponsors and brands I get to work with including Altra Footwear, Elete Electrolytes, Vfuel, Ultraspire, and Bodyworx massage.  I believe in each of them and use them everyday.
Hope your 2014 was great and 2015 will be even better!  
Get out and be happy!

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Stan ( said...

i got tired reading your list...whew. congrats on a great year. i really enjoyed following your blog. keep up the great running and writing and all the best for 2015!