Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TBT to Bryce 100 2014

The 1 paragraph (if I'm lucky) story of my first 100, my Bryce 100 experience last year. Found out the morning before the race that my pacer couldn't make it. Freaked out but carried on. The first 65-70 miles passed by quickly and smoothly, really!  Was fun to have my husband @jeremy1st and son crew me.  Night set in and after begging someone at Blubber aid station to come with me I set off alone down the deep dark dungeon in front of me. The night was traumatic for me. I stumbled around for hours literally sleep walking, putting myself in danger of sliding off the slopes around me at mile 90. Sat next to and against several trees and scared a few men that would pass me. Finally laid down in the dirt on the trail about 4:30am and hoped I'd wake up in 8 min to my nutrition watch alarm and not 8 hours later. I did thankfully but was sure I'd lost the lead. Saw my husband with 2 miles to go and somehow I had not. Ran scared and crying to the finish and pulled off a win and course record I was and am so proud of!  I am sure it will fall soon and wish that woman just as happy a race. Wish I was there this year and I wish all my friends the best of luck!! #bryce100 #100miles @ultraadventures #CR @altrarunning @vfuel #eleteelectrolytes #ultraspire @wmwranglers

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