Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Win a pair of Altra Impulse shoes

Want a pair of these bad boys?!  Of course you do!  Loved the @altrarunning Impulse at the Ogden Marathon I just blogged about. Light, firm, fast, and drain water really well!  They kept me comfortable so I could push hard. Just like a fellow Altra athlete has been doing the last 47 days. 

James Lawrence, Ironcowboy is almost done with his goal of 50 Iron distance triathlons in 50 consecutive days through all 50 states in an effort to raise awareness and funds to combat childhood obesity.  I've done Ironman, I think I could do a few in a row, but I'll admit that I honestly didn't think 50 in a row could be done. Man though, with a big support team caring for him day in and day out and a personal incredible mental strength, James is doing it!  And he'll be done with #50 on Saturday back home in Utah. 

A lot of the update posts on James Facebook and Instagram are very positive. Things that made me think yeah take hard, but he's handling it just fine. Then there are a few here and there that show the human side and the struggle. This most recent one was really great. It is a long post so I will just leave the link for you to read if you want, but we're talking shoulder pain at a 12 on a 1-10 scale, stomach distention, legs giving out. Real, big, challenges.
Trying to sleep where ever he can. 

I have seen and personally experienced the body adapting to new challenges in an amazing way, but what James doing is so huge physically and mentally. Now not that I want to see James struggle, of course not, but I think he's had more struggles than has been posted about, and I personally wanted to hear about them. Sounds familiar?  I seem to not be able to blog without including every struggle I go through. I think it makes James' journey even more inspiring seeing how hard it is for him and yet he continues on. Continues to somehow wake up every day after very little sleep and spend another 12-16 hours always moving. Covering 140.6 miles. Every single day. 

And as a fellow Altra athlete I really admire that, pushing on, not quitting when things seem a little challenging. Not making excuses for why he should stop and why that's ok. Not that we shouldn't listen to our bodies and occasionally stop early, but we can do more than we think we can. I've had some real challenging races in the last year. Run Rabbit Run 100, Bandera 100k, Black Canyon 100k particularly and man they were hard. I came up with excuses during each to stop. And really wanted to. But I didn't. And James isn't. Zero Limits isn't just a phrase. 

So how do I win the shoes already you're asking right?  Well thanks for reading this far (or scrolling to the bottom). Here or on Instagram, tell me one time where you did something you didn't think you could. Something you wanted to give up on, but didn't. When did you show Zero Limits?

That will get you one entry. I'll give you another 2 entries for donating to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation charity, what James is trying to raise money for to help combat childhood obesity. Just let me know in a comment if you do donate. Link here (sorry for the lack of hyper linking, on vacation and mobile doesn't like it)

You have till Monday morning at 10am MST when I announce a winner. Good luck!


Corrina said...

Wow, that's inspirational! And I really love his cause. Last summer I graduated from an accelerated bachelors in nursing program. It was super intense and also have three children. I wasn't sure at times I would make it. But I did, and now I'm working as an RN!

patrick voo said...

thanks for your post, and for hosting this little contest! back in 1999 i left my job (with an industry-leading sports and fitness company) to go back to school. i was married, with mortgage and first child - not the ideal time to sacrifice a steady income, but i wanted to follow my passion and with the support of my family was able to see it through!

Lacey said...

I know I'm technically too late, but chemo has been my biggest challenge to date. I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008 and went through 6 months of chemo last summer. On good days I ran and bad days I slept. I never gave up though. In December 2014, I was officially in remission!