Saturday, May 2, 2009

Linda Butters Memorial 5k

Yet another race today, just a 5k, in the lovely rain. It really was raining good too, not just sprinkling. By 1/2 mile into the race I was totally soaked. I ran the 5k, hoping for a personal best, but not today. Too wet, legs a little heavy from the 60 I rode yesterday. Awesome ride though! Rode to Farmington via the Legacy Parkway Trail. Perfection, save the hourds of knats I rode through, seriously, probably ate 4 and had several plastered to my body when I got home. So if you go, try to make it not after a rainstorm and at a time of day when the bugs aren't so bad, GREAT trail though, loved it! 14 continuous miles without big hills and traffic? Oh, my heart is melting.
Anyway, back to today. Felt decent, but not a PR day. 21:10. I did end up winning the women's race, 5th overall with the men. I was hoping for a sweet prize since it was at Jordan Landing, you know, a gift certificate good for dining, entertainment, food, etc? Nope, just a plastic trophy. Oh well, the kids will have fun with it. :)
My kids and husband also got to run in a 1 mile fun run. They were real troopers despite the rain. I don't think I heard any complaints.

This was my boy's first race, cute little guy. Daddy said he did great! His tounge was out of his mouth the entire race I do believe. I LOVE this pic! Look at my little runner and her good form, her race shorts and even my race belt she used today. Too bad the hat was over her eyes, the kids love our tech hats from races though

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