Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recovery and Preparation

So by tuesday I was fine post Ogden only feeling a little deep soreness in the quads when I'd lunge or squat down demonstrating during one of my water aerobics classes. Thursday morning I went out to this road on the north side of the airport that a lot of cyclists use for speed work. It's a good 2.5 mile strip with plenty of room for both bikes and cars. So I rode down and back 3 times while the sun came up. It felt great to push hard and not worry about some idiot car pulling out in front of me.
I caught these fun images. The first is the fire training airplane for the police. Wasn't sure what it was at first, I thought it was some abandoned burned out plane.

And the second is is the sun behind the traffic control tower.

Had a great swim session friday morning. I swam Master's (adult swim team basically, so a coach, other swimmers, good chance to work hard), something I do several times a month. I was able to pace off a guy much faster than me for several intervals. While it was hard, it was fun to push that hard and stay with him.....and watch as he took off for his next one after 5 seconds rest while I caught my breath :)

Saturday Chuck, a friend of mine, and I did the Battle at Midway Triathlon course preview. We swam in Deer Creek (in full wetsuits). It felt great to be in the open water again. Really wasn't cold at all after we got swimming. Ironically though my hand went numb the last 1/3 and I was sporting Star Trek hands kind of, couldn't pull my pinky in with the other fingers. It's a wierd sensation to swim like that and not have control to change it. Then we got out and dried off and rode 20 miles around Heber and Midway. It was so much fun riding in a paceline and learning how to draft and all other manner of 'roadie' etiquette from Chuck. Than we ran 3 miles at Soldier Hollow. It was great. I am psyched for the race there in 3 weeks.

So there was my recovery from Ogden basically. Saturday was my first run and it wasn't a hard one as the proper recovery from a long race is to not run hard for as many days as the race was in miles, so 26. Now I said proper :) As for the preparation side of the post, well, I have a triathlon on Saturday. Salem! It's short and fast, open water and I'm racing Elite. I've done it 3 times I think, but not in 2 years, so I'm pretty excited even if I am breaking recovery rules :) Hopefully the week doesn't drag too slowly.

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