Friday, October 9, 2009

I am so blessed!

I just got back from a lovely ride to the top of Millcreek Canyon and back. Awesome colors, perfect temperatures, a tail wind on the way up (I didn't realize till I started coming down), and yes, even snow. Snow on the sides of the road in the middle of the canyon, and very much in the middle of the road at the top. I am so glad I brought the arm warmers, tights and gloves. Didn't need any of that climbing to the top, but it was a welcome addition for the ride down.
That lovely picture is in part because I was riding past SNOW in early October while in short shorts (working on my tan line, vain, I know, but you see I wore my longer shorts during the century and wouldn't you know, a 8 hour day in the sun = a noticeable tan line).
The picture is also for my friend Te Koi, he'll appreciate the facial expression :)

Anyway, great ride. Driving home I just contemplated the great people in my life that lead to the great experiences I have. I have such great training partners and friends in the sport. They are so much fun and make all this hard work a little more enjoyable. I've learned so much from those who've been where I have not, but am going. I've also had the opportunity to help people myself. Whether people I'm around in person, or just online friends, they set a good work ethic example for me, and are just plain fun!!
I owe SO SO SO much to my dear husband. He more than anyone else makes this all possible. He has always supported me and given me time to train. Drags 3 kids along to races so they can watch and cheer on mommy (NO easy task when we're away from home and I'm out doing my thing for 3-6 hours at a time). He does it alone even at times we've been away for the weekend and/or have had young babies. He's a stud. He has gotten more active in the last several months -including running his farthest run today, a 10k - and I'm really proud of him! He's lost at least 10lbs, feels better, looks better, and understands me and this crazy life I lead even better. Thank You Jer!
And finally, the Lord has blessed me. He's blessed me with a strong capable body that I've had control over for the most part. I think he blesses me for taking care of it. He blesses me with safety. I've had my share of close calls and a few injuries, but I know I'm watched over and protected so that I can come home and perform my most important roles.
I'm not a pro, I don't get paid for this, I don't race exotic races, but I have so much fun in racing AND in training. I get to see some really beautiful places and hang with some really great people. I love my play time :)


Jill said...

I love your post; sometimes I forget to thank those that put up with my insanity. I need to do so more often. We've been given a gift and we can't take it for granted!

I love your playtime, too! You're so incredible and truly inspire me. Maybe one day I'll get off my legs and one the seat of a bike and join you in your world....only waayyyyy in the back of you.

Tucson next on my list....December 13th. A last minute decision opting to yet again go after that sug 3:45 I long to do vs. the 50K I had planned. One more try...

Jill said...

Sorry for the typos...very late and very tired!

Te Koi & Cherry said...

boo!!!! hiss!!!! there is no snow!!!