Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Well we're headed to Vegas tomorrow morning for my last big race this season. I debated ending with a bang with Daybreak -and strongly considered the option when the pain of pushing my body so hard was in full force :) - but really just wanted one more chance to use this post-injury fitness I've built, race the longer Olympic distance, and test myself a little for how my Ironman fitness is right now.

So we're going down to do Pumpkinman. A 1500yd swim in Lake Mead, a 25 mile HILLY bike, and a 6.2 mile run. The swim I'm looking to push the pace a little. Coming from a swimming background, I don't always push it. I know I can just maintain a good pace and still come out of the water fairly well. But I've been working the swim with more focus lately, so I'd like to up my average pace a little.
The bike is a rolling course with no flat really, and then at mile 18 or so you start a long climb up to T2. Some say 5 miles, some say 7; either way, it'll be a great for IMSG with all of its climbs. I plan to push it, stay in control, but ride like I didn't have a run afterward....almost :)
Then I get to enjoy the run. I love that part, you're 2/3 of the way done, and I love to run, so it's a good combination. Downhill to the turnaround, uphill back, should be a good challenge but favor a strong runner.

Anyway, we're staying with friends in Vegas friday and saturday night then planning on staying in St George sunday night so that I can get up early monday morning and go for a nice 50 mile ride of the IMSG bike loop (the course is about 26 miles to St George from Sand Hollow Reservoir, then 2-43 mile loops up around Gunlock Reservoir and down Snow Canyon). It'll be fabulous to see the course - definately will get those IM nerves a kicking I'm guessing :)


Megan said...

Good luck Les! I'm sure you'll do amazing and I can't wait to hear how it goes. In fact, I'll probably send you a text after my race (assuming I survive the darn thing!) and see how you did.

Jill said...

Good Luck, Leslie!! Once again, I am in awe. Can't wait to hear the details. We'll chat suppliments/nutrition upon your return.

Celeste said...

That actually sounds like a lot of fun... I love Lake Mead! Good Luck!