Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just weekend ramblings

No big events to speak of today, just some notes about this week's training. Tuesday I came down with the flu, so that set me back a litte. Ran some long intervals on the 440 meter indoor track at the Utah Olympic (speedskating) Oval wednesday. Totally reminded me it's getting to be the offseason and I remembered the 14 mile long run I once did in there.
Friday I rode 50 miles from my house up and over Traverse twice. It was super windy coming down the Alpine side, dissapointing too, I really wanted to go down fast and confidently. Anyway, came back up the Alpine side ready to descend into Draper. I was excited and ready to go aggresively thinking the wind would be less. It was less, but apparently not around one curve. I was going about 40mph, swung around a curve and maybe a crosswind hit me or something, not sure, but my bike got super wobbly and I remember grabbing my brakes lightly, but they didn't respond well. I drifted all the way across 2 lanes to the yellow median line before gaining control. I am so blessed there were no cars behind me. Scary scary stuff. Stopped by a bike shop on my way home and I guess I need to replace a bearing on my front wheel, so I'll get that taken care of this week.
Saturday I met a group out at our little swimming pond for an apparently polar bear plunge. It was SO COLD! I'd normally go about 2000 yards, but only lasted maybe 400. My hands weren't ever functional. I was moving forward, but I couldn't put my hands in any sort of position or pull the water. I had a hard time talking when I got out because some of my facial muscles were frozen. Seriously, cold stuff. I can't believe it was that cold so soon too. I mean we have had a couple nights in the 30's, but we've had a whole lot of days in the 80's in the last month. Anyway, guess OWS (open water swimming) is over in Utah for the season :(
Last but not least that day my husband and I ran one of my favorite trails, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Draper. I'm so proud of him for coming with me. He set a goal to get fit again several months ago and he went the whole 1:10 with me. I ran ahead a few times to get some speedwork and additional distance in, but we ran together most of the time. The colors were pretty good and the temperatures were great. Only a handful of people on the trail, so that was nice. A couple big changes o the trail though. First, there's a new bridge and steps about .5 mile in where we used to go into the ravine, and there is now a bathroom building and small dirt parking lot about 2.75 miles from the start .5 mile or so before Corner Canyon. Very nice as that trail has had no restrooms along it's 6 mile length. I'd give you more specific directions on how to get there, but then you might not take me with you, so you'll have to ask me nicely :)

Looking forward to a new week of hard work. I'm in debates right now about my racing schedule for the next month, but hopefully I'll get it sorted out soon.
A big congrats to my marathon running friends Jonathan, Heidi, Stacey and Jill - way to go guys!!!


Megan said...

Sadly, the only option I have for swimming is open water. I've been trying to go at least twice a week, but the water is getting so cold! I need to tough it out for two more weeks then my swimming will be over for a while. BRRRRR!

Nurse Heidi said...

Oooooh take me, take me!! I haven't done BST even ONCE this year, a very sad commentary on my summer runs :P. Can't find anyone adventurous enough to go with me when you're not available. I wonder if we can pull one off during the day while the girls are at school...hmm...