Sunday, December 27, 2009

End of the week

Ok, so that whole detailing the week didn't go so well. Sorry about that. Here's how the rest of the week looked though

Wednesday: a quick 1200 yd swim before my 6am water fitness class
Thursday: 2 hours of good hard Computrainer time with Charity in the morning which was really good, followed by a 2000 yard swim snuck in right before the fitness center closed at 1pm
Friday: lovely sunny 6 mile canal road snowy run after the Christmas hoopla had settled down. Perfect run! Went out just to run however felt good, and fast felt good - those days are the best!
Saturday: 2400 yard Master's swim in the morning, 9 mile run at the Oval with Jonathan. Plans for that morning got a little turned upside down and it was like 17 degrees for the high, so the Oval at 3pm actually ended up working out well. Good old Jonathan, he can really push the pace well for an old man ;)

And today we drove down to St George. I'm excited for a good quality week on the IMSG course. Tomorrow holds a 70ish mile ride. No super warm weather, but hey 45 is better than 25. Beggars can't be choosers :)

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Jarvis Family said...

Have so much fun in SG this week. I am so jealous. Training camps are the best. I am really hoping for one this year. Live it up!