Monday, December 21, 2009

A training week documented

I decided to document the next 2 weeks of training, this week being a little more normal than our St George week next.

So this morning started with a 5:30am wake up call. Some days it is near impossible to drag myself out of bed, like I wish they made bed that could turn cold and hard when it was time to get up, along with some windows that light up impersonating the sun. That'd make things so much easier.
Anyway, off on a super foggy 5 minute drive to Master's swimming I go. Master's is kind of like adult swim team. We workout in lanes according to speed and have a coach and do sets. It's great! We've been doing the 12 weeks of Christmas as swimming where we add 1 x 100 every week, so this week we culminated with 12x100's on 1:25. For all my running friends, a 100 is 4 lengths of the pool, probably equivalent to a 400m or 1/4 mile interval. Not forever long, but long enough to be fatiguing. And 1:25 is fast, usually it's 90%+ for me to make them all (we leave for a new 100 every 85 seconds). Some weeks I haven't made them all, and have been 2-3 seconds behind. That's frustrating. But I'm proud to report today that I made all 12 and probably averaged 1:23! It was great! I was pushing hard, but probably only 80-85%, still in control. I had a lane mate Chris who was great to pace behind. Thanks Chris!
I'm really happy with how I'm swimming lately. I'm at a point where I am comfortable pushing through pain, I'm mentally prepared and ready for whatever is thrown at me. NO whining.
Sorry for the blurry pic, our camera is out of commission and the camera phone was still sleepy too :)

Went down to Aaron at Peak Performance for some bike adjustments today. He unfortunately saw the tech-newbie in me. I've ridden for 10 years sure, but I don't honestly know much about bikes and apparently not so much about "ankling", or pedaling correctly. It was great to have someone point it out and I look forward to the day I have a bike I'm excited to show off. And hopefully learning how to actually ride a bike correctly :) will yield me even better results.

Tonight before I taught my class it was time for a tempo run. I forgot to take a pic, sorry! I left the house late after making dinner, teaching the kids a little FHE lesson about Christ and Christmas, and putting my baby to bed so had to condense the workout a little to 3 x 7 minutes at 7:30min/mi pace w/ 3 minutes @ 9 minute mile in between plus warm up and cool down.

A good day. I'm pooped! Goodnight World!

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