Monday, March 8, 2010

I need your ideas!

Another week closer to Ironman! Fairly uneventful, relatively speaking. Lots of swimming, biking and running. Had a training partner for every workout this week which is always nice. The long stuff included a long run with my friend Heidi. We ran 8 in the Utah Olympic Speedskating Oval (440 meter indoor track, nice!) after waking up to 4" of heavy wet snow - uhg! We then ventured out for another 8 as the snow had eased up a bit. I then ran the 2 miles home. I was surprised my legs felt as ok as they did. That's a long way to run. I think the hardest were the first 4 or so miles just trying to talk myself into it.
Saturday I had the opportunity to help coach at the annual Desert Sharks Triathlon Club Swim Clinic. So fun to help other athletes! Swimming is one of those things that 80% of triathletes are not good at coming into the sport (or even after years for that matter), yet a sport easily improved by tweaking just a couple things usually. Good times!
Afterwards I rode
90 miles with friends Charity, Rob, and Te Koi. We did a 50 mile loop of the valley, then I continued on up Emigration Canyon and back to finish out the ride. A bit discouraging at times as I was really working hard to keep up on those first 50 miles, and I'm the one that's been training all winter! Charity had to remind me that I had just run 18 miles the day before. I know, I know, it's true.
This taper is going to rock! .....or it better anyway ;)

So now we come to today, and my legs are pretty darn heavy. I thought they may just sink to the bottom of the pool at my swim this morning. I'm finally going to take the plunge (haha, no pun intended) and invest in a pair of
recovery tights. I'll post a review on them for sure (one of several gear reviews I have to post actually), but I look forward to legs even just a little bit lighter.

So here's what I need your idea's for. My sister wants to do matching shirts for our family (Hubby and kids, parents, siblings) to wear on Ironman day. Throw your ideas at me for colors/designs/sayings etc. I have a fun idea in mind for the kids, but I am open to all ideas. Post away and have a great week all!


trikarie said...

Great job Leslie! You are amazing! My friend Skyla appreciated the extra help at the swim clinic.

I don't have any great ideas for shirts though. If I think of anything will let you know. My daughter wants to wear a shirt at my next Mari that says, "My mom runs faster than your dad", I think she saw this somewhere. Silly kids.

You could be IronMOM?

Jill said...

Something PINK, of course!!! :)