Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's getting so complicated fitting all the training in with a husband who works 10 hour days 3 days a week, 30 minutes away, to work myself, 30 minutes away, and to balance our wonderful kids and who's going to watch them when so I can get these last few weeks of quality workouts in.

Those were the thoughts of the last few days. Those measly thoughts

Today is different

Today my Dad is in the hospital. Very sick. He's so tired of being sick. We're all so tired of not having answers and solutions. I want him there at Ironman. He wants to be there at Ironman to watch me "win". I love those inspirational people who can let circumstances like this motivate and push them. Who work harder with the thoughts of loved ones in their head and hearts. I tried to be one of them this morning and I just wasn't. Not today. Get well soon Dad, I need you.


Jarvis Family said...

I am so sorry, Leslie. That is not good news. I hope your dad (and you) can hang in there. 30 more days! That includes tapering. You can do it! You have come this far and you are in amazing shape. You are going to rock the race, really!
All the best to your dad (and mom)!

Nurse Heidi said...


Megan said...

Hugs Les! I'm sorry about your dad.

JRo said...

I'm so proud of you Leslie! You are so inspiring with your motivation to run :) Good luck with all of your training and I send my love and thoughts to Richard and the rest of you!

Jessica Roestenburg